Special Needs Awareness Program (SNAP)

Do you need assistance evacuating during an emergency? As part of Butte County's Emergency Evacuation Plan, the Department of Employment and Social Services works collaboratively with multiple agencies to ensure that those in need of evacuation assistance during an emergency are identified and evacuated safely and efficiently.

The Special Needs Awareness Program (SNAP) is a voluntary program for those with Access and Functional Needs (AFN) such as individuals with:

  • Physical/developmental or intellectual disabilities
  • Chronic conditions or injuries
  • Limited English proficiency
  • Older adults, children and low income households
  • Homeless and/or transportation disadvantaged (i.e. dependent on public transit)
  • Pregnant women

 The Special Needs Awareness Program (SNAP) packet is available to anyone with AFN in the community who would like to receive additional information and register to be on this list.

Would you like a SNAP packet? Please call the Butte County Adult Services Intake line at 530-538-7538 or our toll free number 855-398-8899 to request a packet or download the SNAP Packet (PDF).