Health and Human Services

Public Health

The Butte County Public Health Department runs over 50 programs serving: children, mothers, families, adults, small businesses, animals, and the environment. Promoting healthy behaviors and resources, preventing illness and protecting the health of residents and visitors in Butte County is our daily commitment.

Behavioral Health

The Butte County Behavioral Health Department provides mental health and substance use treatment to Medi-Cal beneficiaries, and provides crisis interventions to the community, regardless of insurance status. Behavioral Health treatment consists of a continuum of prevention, early intervention, treatment, and recovery support systems. 

Child Support Services

The Butte County Child Support Services Department works directly with families to establish paternity, establish and enforce child and/or medical support orders, and monitor payment activity.

Employment and Social Services

The Butte County Department of Employment and Social Services  aims to administer employment and social services to all residents of Butte County with dignity and respect.

Veterans Services

Butte County Veterans Services is part of the Employment and Social Services Department and provides advocacy to the veteran community regarding entitlement rights to federal, state, and local benefit programs. 

Public Guardian

Butte County Public Guardian is a part of the Employment and Social Services Department and acts as a conservator for those County residents the Butte County Superior Court determines to be unable to properly provide for themselves or their finances.