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Welcome to Access to Technology!  The Access to Technology program provides interactive lessons aimed toward increasing technological literacy for adults 60 years of age and older and adults with disabilities. Through free access to laptops, tablets, and Kindles as well as Wi-Fi connectivity, participants may learn how to navigate: email, social media sites, online library resources, and the internet, among other topics. The ATT program will improve participants’ confidence using the internet and applications while developing a social learner community, in-person and online. Whether participants are interested in developing tech competency for re-entering the workforce or are interested in learning how to connect with family abroad via social media, the ATT program works to understand folks’ existing skills and support their personal progress long term.   What communities do we serve?  This grant addresses people 60 years and older and disabled adults of any age. This includes deafness, blindness, diabetes, PTSD, addiction, developmental or intellectual disabilities, mobility impairments, mental illness, cancer, autism, and epilepsy. While this list is not exhaustive, we want to make it clear we are committed to serving the disabled community as a whole.  Trainings  We provide drop-in sessions at all Butte County libraries, classes held at other organizations, and one on one sessions on an as needed basis. ATT in Butte County aims to make sessions accessible to as many people as possible. We will provide technological devices and will refer clients to resources for long term technological access.  Online Learning Resources  Brainfuse: VetNow & HelpNow: free online tutoring available 24 hours a day for language learning, GED prep, resume writing.  GetSetUp: free online classes for adults aged 50+ focusing on physical health, mental health, technological literacy, vocational training.  UniversalClass: free classes for all ages and abilities in technology, personal development, health.  Northstar: free technology assessments and training in internet use, word processing, email etiquette  Contact us!  530-552-5641 |  or fill out an interest form: Client Interest Form | Organization Interest Form   We will have regular trainings in all six Butte County libraries and are looking forward to spending time in each to better serve the community. If we don't have your town represented, please let us know and we will make accommodations!  Delivered by the Butte County Library. In Partnership with Butte County Department of Employment and Social Services. Funded by California Department of Aging.