1,000 Books Before Kindergarten


1000 Books Before Kindergarten is a free program for children that encourages parents and caregivers to read one thousand books to their child before the child enters kindergarten. Participation concludes once the child reaches 1,000 books or they enter Kindergarten.

Only books read after the child is registered should be counted (Past reads do not count). 

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Repeated reads of the same book do count. A favorite book read 100 times is counted as 100 books. All books read to the child count. This includes books read at pre-school, Storytimes, and during Summer Reading. It also includes books read in any language and books on CD. A child may take part in the program only once.

Books read are to be recorded on the log sheet that is given out by staff or printed by the patron after signing up. When each log is returned to the library, the child will get a bookmark, a sticker, and the next log. Once the child has listened to and/or read 1,000 books, they will receive a special certificate of completion and a book to keep.

Parents and caregivers: You decide how often and how long you read. The key is perseverance! Celebrate milestones with us at the library as you make progress, and above all, read and enjoy with your child!

Funding for this project was made possible in part or in whole by the North Valley Community Foundation Butte County Library Endowment.