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Getting Started with Non-Crisis Services

Call the 24/7 Access Line at 800-334-6622 (toll-free) or at 530-891-2810.

Butte County Behavioral Health provides mental health and substance use treatment to Medi-Cal beneficiaries.

  • Step 1: 
    • Call our 24/7 Access Line at 800-334-6622 (toll-free) or at 530-891-2810 to request services. If you call during business hours, you will immediately be provided a brief screening. During the screening, we will ask you whether your needs are urgent and what type of help you are looking for. 
    • We will also ask you if you have Medi-Cal or some other type of insurance coverage. If you have Medi-Cal, we will determine if services through County clinics are an appropriate fit, or else we will help you find the services you need in our community. Please have your Medi-Cal card and other insurance information available for reference during the phone call.
  • Step 2:
    • Once we have determined through a screening if you are eligible for services through our county clinics, we will schedule an assessment.
  • Step 3:
    • At your assessment, we will connect you or your family member to the types of services that you and your counselor agree will help most. A wide range of services is available, from short-term to intensive, based on your needs.

We Are Here to Help

Our mission is to partner with people to encourage and facilitate wellness, recovery, and hope.