The mission of the Chief Administrative Office (CAO) is to provide leadership and guidance to the County in implementing the policies of the Board of Supervisors, while maintaining and improving the effective operations and fiscal integrity of the County.

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Welcome to the Administration Department

Butte County truly is a land of natural wealth and beauty. From its fertile agricultural fields encompassing Gridley and Biggs in the western part of the County; to its dynamic population centers in Chico and Oroville in the mid section; to the Sierra Nevada Mountains and its foothills including the town of Paradise to the east; Butte County has something for everyone. I am privileged to be the Chief Administrative Officer for this wonderful County and its people. In my position, I serve the Board of Supervisors and implement their policies. Specifically my duties entail:

  • Review of all Agenda Items for the biweekly meetings of the Board of Supervisors
  • Oversee the performance of appointed Department Heads
  • Manage and coordinate the County's Emergency Services Function
  • Legislative analysis for the Board of Supervisors and all County Departments
  • Preparation of studies and analyses including Quarterly Financial Reports and Multi-Year Budget Projections
  • Preparation of the County Budget
  • Oversee the preparation and implementation of the County's Capital Improvement Program
  • Participate in and coordinate with various local, regional and statewide organizations

The CAO is also responsible for the overall administration, management and support functions for the County including the Clerk of the Board and Community and Economic Development.  I am incredibly proud to lead a talented group of County employees who serve our community so well, and look forward to implementing many new and innovative initiatives in the future. Finally, whether you are a resident, a business, a potential business, or simply wish to visit our County, please know that on behalf of all County employees, we appreciate and value your input.

Andy Pickett
Chief Administrative Officer