Special Districts

County Service Areas and Permanent Road Divisions

A County Service Area (CSA) or Permanent Road Division (PRD) is a type of dependent special district governed by the Board of Supervisors. CSAs and PRDs are established as a mechanism for counties to furnish municipal-type services to unincorporated areas beyond those uniformly provided countywide. Only residents who benefit from services provided by the CSA or PRD pay for the services received. In Butte County, CSAs and PRDs are typically formed to provide services to defined areas, such as a subdivision, during the project approval process, although some CSAs provide services countywide. Many of the CSAs within Butte County are divided into zones of benefit. A zone of benefit is a geographic area within a CSA that provides a particular service or services to the parcels within that area.

View a list of current Butte County CSAs and PRDs

For more information about County Service Areas, please contact CSA Coordinator Susie Akins at 530.538.7681.