Water Inventory & Analysis

Water Resource Inventory & Analysis Update Project

The Department of Water and Resource Conservation with the assistance of Davids Engineering has updated the Butte County Water Inventory and Analysis Report also known as a “water budget”. Determining current and future water demands is fundamental to managing water resources and to protecting area of origin water rights. The updated Water Inventory and Analysis Report was finalized in June 2016.

The updated Water Inventory and Analysis Report:

  1. Identifies how water demands have changed over the past decade; in which areas and the likely drivers.
  2. Develops water budgets for each sub-region to inform the local conversation regarding resource use and sustainability.
  3. Evaluates what the future may hold and how best to prepare by developing forecasts for future urban and agricultural water demands. Develops climate change hydrology scenarios for future groundwater model runs and associated analysis.
  4. Increases familiarity with the Butte Basin Groundwater Model to maintain it as a useful and productive tool.

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2016 Water Inventory & Analysis Report - Final (PDF)

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