Sexually Transmitted Infections

Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are infections that can be transmitted through sexual contact with an infected individual. As the Public Health Department, it is our goal to protect the health of the community through prevention, early diagnosis and appropriate management and control of STIs. This is achieved through surveillance, disease investigation, patient education, community awareness, and acting as a resource to local physicians, nurses and medical personnel. 

STIs can be transmitted during vaginal or other types of sexual intercourse including oral and anal sex. Since STIs often do not have any symptoms, the only way to know if someone has an STI is to get tested.

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Free At-Home HIV Self-Test Kits 

Get free and discreet HIV testing right at home. Sign up at After signing up, you will be sent an HIV oral rapid in-home test, with detailed instructions and information about confirmatory testing and HIV and STI prevention and care resources. 

Data & Reports

In an effort to combat the spread of STIs, all counties in California confidentially track and report the number of confirmed STI cases in their community. The Butte County Public Health Department monitors the number of reported STIs in our county as well as administers a range of programs and services.

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Provider Resources

The Butte County Public Health Department acts as a resource to local physicians, nurses, and medical personnel. Providers are notified of current outbreaks, updated treatment guidelines, and provided guidance for communicable disease reporting.

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