Report Water Waste at Butte County Facilities

Increased water conservation efforts have been a goal for Butte County long before the drought. In 2012, Butte County set a goal to increase water conservation efforts in the Sustainability, Energy Efficiency and Cost Effectiveness in County Operations Report (PDF) produced by the Sustainability Work Team.

This year, Governor Brown has asked all Californians to reduce their water consumption by 20% due to the drought. He has also directed all local government agencies to immediately reduce their water use. Butte County continues to monitor water use and strive to reduce wherever possible. Irrigation system timings have been cut back, leaking faucets and urinals have been repaired, and staff continue to monitor and adjust exterior landscape irrigation systems.

Now, we want to hear from you! Please join us by keeping an eye out to ensure that water is being used effectively at Butte County facilities.

Just like at your home, sometimes government facilities have a broken sprinkler or are watering the concrete instead of greenery without being aware of the problem. If you see water being wasted at a Butte County facility, please fill out the form below to alert facility services to the issue.

Thanks for your help!

To report wasteful practices in your work or residential neighborhoods, please contact your water supplier. For properties not served by a water supplier, use the Butte County online reporting tool on the Report Water Waste page.