Options for Recovery

The Options for Recovery (OFR) Program is a program that recruits and trains foster parents and relative caregivers in Butte and Glenn Counties to care for children aged 0 to 60 months who are alcohol/drug exposed and/or HIV positive. The OFR Program is a collaborative effort between Butte and Glenn County Children's Services Divisions and the Butte County Public Health Department. A Butte County Public Health Nurse (PHN) is assigned full-time to this program.

Duties of the OFR Public Health Nurse

  • Participate in the 30-hour foster parent readiness training program for prospective foster parents and relative care providers.
  • Provide regular in-home visits to children in OFR foster and relative care homes to assess the child's progress, physically and developmentally, and assist with linkages to medical, dental, behavioral, and developmental services.
  • Provide ongoing education to foster parents on specific issues of the individual child in their care.
  • Communicate with Children's Services staff on the health status of foster children and collaborate on the provision of specialty care services.
  • Participate in the provision of family support events and periodic cross-training events.

For more information visit the Options for Recovery Program page.