Go on a Ride Along

Please fill out the Ride Along Program Application (PDF), check the box authorizing us to do a background check. (Do not sign the form until you come to your ride along). Then save and submit your form by email or print it and mail it to:
Attn: Kendra Parker
5 Gillick Way
Oroville, CA 95965

Your request for a ride along will be reviewed for approval by the Patrol Administration Sergeant. Upon approval the sergeant will contact you to schedule the appointment and your information will be forwarded to the patrol sergeant whose team you will be assigned to for the ride along.

At the time of the ride along appointment the patrol sergeant will review his/her expectations and safety precautions with you and ask for your signature of agreement on the form at that time.

Please allow up to two weeks for this process to occur. It is our policy to allow no more than four patrol ride-alongs within a year's time.