Maternal Child Adolescent Health Program (MCAH)

The goal of the Butte County Maternal Child and Adolescent Health (MCAH) program is:

  • All children are born healthy to healthy mothers
  • No health status disparities among racial/ethnic, gender, economic and regional groups
  • A safe and healthy environment for women children and their families
  • Equal access for all women, children and their families to appropriate and needed care within an integrated and seamless system

Pregnancy Resources

View the Breastfeeding Resource List (PDF).

For more information about nutrition and breastfeeding please visit the WIC website

For more information about services call 1-800-339-2941 or visit the California Department of Public Health MCAH website.  

Community Resources

The MCAH staff works with communities and agencies of Butte County to continually assess the needs of the citizens so that the programs meet the client's needs.

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