Child Health & Disability Prevention (CHDP)

"The Gold Standard for Pediatric Well-Child Physicals."

The Child Health and Disability Prevention program (CHDP) provides physical exams for babies, children, teens, and young adults. CHDP provider sites offer health assessments to identify problems early, begin needed treatment, and prevent disease and disabilities. Individuals from birth to 21 years who have full-coverage Medi-Cal are eligible, as are those up to 19 years from low- or moderate-income families. The CHDP health assessments are free and your child's provider will:

  • Do a physical exam
  • Ask about your child's family health history
  • Give recommended shots, when needed
  • Talk about dental health and, when needed, give your child fluoride varnish and fluoride supplements, and help in finding a dentist
  • Check your child's hearing and vision
  • Discuss important health topics such as development, behaviors, your and your child's mental health, nutrition, sleep, safety, and protecting skin from the sun

Your child's provider will check for:

  • Developmental milestones
  • Lead poisoning
  • Anemia, if at risk
  • Autism
  • Depression screening in new mothers
  • Anxiety
  • Tuberculosis (TB), if at risk
  • Cholesterol, if at risk
  • Other health issues or concerns you have

CHDP exams are also available for entry to school, sports, camp, Head Start, state preschool, and foster care. In addition to health assessment services, CHDP provides coordination to assist families with medical appointment scheduling, information about transportation, and access to diagnostic and treatment services.

For more information about CHDP, please call 530-552-3961.

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