Sheriff's Work Alternative Program (SWAP)

SWAP is offered as an alternative to serving time in jail to individuals that are eligible. The program consists of working in the community rather than serving time in custody. Eligibility is based on:

  • Court orders
  • Type of charges
  • Number of days to serve
  • Other cases pending
  • Previous attendance history

SWAP is a work program. Each 8 to 10 hour day worked counts as 1 day of jail time. You are required to work 5 days per week on SWAP unless you are employed or a student.

SWAP does accept transfers from other counties if the sentencing court has authorized it and the work program from that county has given written authorization.

All persons signed up for SWAP must be booked at the jail and sign a promise to appear at the SWAP office.

SWAP Appointment Information

  • SWAP appointments are at 9 am sharp. Do not be late
  • Do not report to your SWAP appointment under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • SWAP appointments take approximately 3 hours
    • Do not bring your children, family, or friends with you
  • The SWAP office is located at 3 Gillick Way (East Facility), which is the building across the parking lot from the jail; it is the second building on the right as you come down the Sheriff's Office driveway. (Gillick Way).
  • Bring proof of employment and proof of enrollment in school with you
  • Bring documentation regarding any medical problems or work limitations with you

If you have any questions contact the SWAP office.

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