Mail Rules

Incoming Mail

  • The mailing address is:
    "Inmates Name"
    7 Gillick Way
    Oroville, CA, 95965
  • There is no restrictions on the number of letters an inmate may receive
  • Inmates may not receive:
    • Food items
    • Cards
    • Polaroid photographs
    • Stationery items
    • Postage stamps
    • Cash
    • Personal checks
  • Inmates may not receive mail from other locked institutions (jails or prisons)
  • Incoming mail will be opened and searched for security reasons
  • Mail in non-English languages may be reasonably delayed for security reasons
  • Any mail that may pose a security risk (i.e. stickers, mail labels, lipstick, or unknown substances and/or contraband) will not be accepted and will be returned to sender
  • All mail is processed weekdays, excluding weekends and holidays, but may be delayed due to circumstances beyond our control
  • You may receive newspapers, magazines, periodicals, and books but they must be mailed directly from the publisher, not from a bookstore
    • Correctional staff will not cancel subscriptions after you leave
    • The Post Office will not accept change of address cards from inmates
  • Used books or books that may pose a security risk (i.e. hardback or leather bound) are not allowed
  • Obscene or inflammatory mail is not allowed
  • You will be given an updated property receipt if mail is placed in your personal property and you will not be notified if mail is returned to sender

Outgoing Mail

  • There is no restriction on the number of letters an inmate may send
  • The correctional staff will collect unsealed outgoing mail prior to 11:30 pm
  • Mail is subject to search and reasonable delay for security reasons
  • Only legal mail will be marked as "legal mail" on the outside; the correctional staff will search the "legal mail" and seal it in the presence of the inmate
  • There may be nothing written or drawn on the face of the envelope except the "to" and "return" addresses; the Utility Officer will stamp "Butte County Jail" on the face of the envelope

Legal Mail

Legal mail is defined as incoming or outgoing correspondence between:

  • An inmate and the court
  • A member of the State Bar
  • A holder of public office
  • The State Board of Corrections
  • The Butte County Jail Commander
  • The Butte County Sheriff

The correctional staff may open and inspect such mail only in the presence of the inmate and only to search for contraband. The correctional staff may not read legal mail. You may receive unlimited paper and stamped envelopes, for legal mail, by submitting and Inmate Request Form to the Utility Officer, providing you have less than $1 for 30 consecutive days in your trust account.