Rock Creek Flood Study Project

The Rock Creek Flood Study Project is a feasibility study to identify flood risk reduction solutions in the Rock Creek-Keefer Slough watershed. The project will involve significant community input, with a series of at least four meetings to 1) Introduce the project, process, and timeline; 2) Seek input on solutions and criteria that will help prioritize project alternatives; 3) Refine project alternatives; and 4) Present a comparative analysis of costs and benefits of each project alternative. This feasibility study is the first step toward design and implementation of flood risk reduction projects in the watershed.

The process will begin with project scoping, continue with a robust alternatives analysis, and then clearly identify a preferred alternative. The study will incorporate quality engineering, economics, real estate, and environmental analyses, with the goal of ensuring that the feasibility study results in actionable decisions within a reasonable time frame and cost. The goal of the feasibility study is to identify a preferred alternative, which can include structural projects such as levees, and nonstructural projects such as waterproofing and raising structures.

The project study area is the Rock Creek-Keefer Slough Watershed north of the City of Chico. The watershed includes several residential neighborhoods, the community of Nord, agricultural land, and other community uses in unincorporated Butte County. The watershed is generally east and west of Highway 99 from the headwaters of Rock Creek to the Sacramento River to the southwest. Principal roadways within the study area include Keefer Road, Garner Lane, Highway 99, Wilson Landing Road, Nord Highway, and Hamilton Nord Cana Highway.

Rock Creek Flood Study Area (JPEG)
Rock Creek Flood Study with CSAs, PRDs and Parcels (JPEG)

For additional information, please contact Project Manager Jessica Hankins by email, or phone at 530-277-1783.

Project Status

After a series of four public meetings in which community input was received and incorporated into the analysis of draft project alternatives, the project engineer is now in the process of preparing the Draft Feasibility Study which will be completed by December 2022. If you have any concerns or questions, please email Jessica Hankins.

Meeting Information & Relevant Documents

The County held a series of community and stakeholder meetings in order to narrow the project alternatives that will reduce flood risk in the Rock Creek watershed. 

Meeting 1: Introduction & Project Overview

In Person - November 18, 2021

Virtual - October 28, 2021 

Meeting 2: Project Constraints, Options, & Selection Criteria

In-Person and Virtual - December 9, 2021

Meeting 3: Draft Project Alternatives

In-Person and Virtual -  April 26, 2022

Meeting 4:  Presentation and Preferred Projects

In-Person and Virtual -  June 30, 2022

Public Participation

For questions, input and public comments, please email Jessica Hankins. Or download the Rock Creek Flood Study Comment Card - Questionnaire (PDF), complete the questionnaire and return to Public Works.

If you would like to upload photos or documentation, or your comment card, please submit items on the Liquid Files Website.