The Treasury Division provides banking and investment services to all County departments as well as Butte County's school districts, special districts, and the Superior Court System. These agencies constitute a "pooled" portfolio, the purpose of which is to save operating expenses by consolidating banking activities, thereby achieving higher investment yields for the monies on deposit. Similar to a banking operation in the private sector, the Treasury processes daily deposits, maintains sufficient liquidity to meet cash flow needs, and invests the balance of the funds to maximize interest earnings for its depositors. On average, the Treasury manages a $1.4 billion dollar investment portfolio and generates earnings on a pro-rata basis for all investment pool participants. The Treasury also facilitates all short-term borrowing for the County and the School Districts, such as Tax and Revenue Anticipation Notes, requiring coordination with all interested parties, review of documentation, compilation and analysis of financial data and monitoring of cash flow and repayment. Additionally, the Treasury continues to facilitate long term debt issuance for School Districts, including Butte-Glenn Community College, and provides representation on the Debt Advisory Committee for long term debt issued by the County. Involvement by the Treasury serves to protect the interests of the taxpayers and the issuing entities as well as providing counsel on complete and accurate record keeping and post-issuance compliance with tax regulations and disclosure requirements. Per the California Code of Civil Procedures, the Treasury also handles the escheatment process for unclaimed estates in Butte County.