County Bikeway Master Plan

Bicycling has become an increasingly popular method of travel throughout the region. Many are attracted to the energy savings, environmental benefits, and health advantages, while others who are not able to drive due to age or finances use bicycles as a primary means of transportation. The valley areas of the county are particularly attractive to bicyclists due to the flat terrain.

Local land use and transportation planning within the region has been sensitive to the attributes necessary to promote and encourage bicycling and walking. Most urban areas within the region boasts at least one non-motorized transportation facility. 

Depending on the location, overall development of non-motorized facilities may be a responsibility of local, state, or federal government. Local governments are responsible for the planning and development of bikeways within their incorporated limits. Caltrans is responsible for the development and maintenance of bikeways along state highways or where established bikeways are interrupted by highway construction. The federal government is responsible for funding bikeways on federal lands, such as national forests, or along interstate highways if their provision will enhance safety.

Adopted 2011 Bikeway Master Plan