Mobile Businesses

Mobile businesses include automotive washing and detailing services, carpet/drapery cleaners, pressure washers, general contractors, and other service providers.

If you own one of these businesses or contract these services:

  • Make sure that wash water, debris, chemicals, and cleaners are disposed of properly. Wash water that is collected and transported from the job site must be disposed of properly - check with the local wastewater authority for discharge requirements.
  • Use a lint trap or filter when discharging to the sanitary sewer. All non-hazardous waste solids should be disposed of in the trash.
  • Never discharge wash water to a street, gutter, parking lot, ditch, creek, or storm drain.
  • Clean up any spills with dry methods, such as vacuuming, sweeping, or absorbing the spill with sawdust, cat litter, rags, or paper towels.
  • Ensure equipment does not leak and chemical containers are sealed when not in use and when being transported.

Visit the Clean Water Business Partners Program Page to learn more and consider hiring a Clean Water Business Partner to help prevent stormwater pollution.