Butte County Sheriff's Office Chaplains serve the sworn and unsworn personnel, families, and our communities of Butte County. Chaplains provide a secular purpose by attending to trauma on the scene as traumatic grief first responders. We offer practical guidance and compassionate resources, and we serve everyone regardless of race, culture, nationality, or beliefs. We provide a ministry of presence by committing time to ride along with patrol deputies, in the jail with correctional deputies, visiting sworn and non-sworn civilian staff, attending all departmental training and functions.

Announcing - Accepting Applications for Community Chaplains

BCSO is accepting applications for Community Chaplain Volunteers for 2021.

Qualifications for a Community Chaplain

  • Possess a valid unrestricted California driver's license
  • Possess current individual medical and automobile insurance coverage
  • A minimum of one year of counseling experience for community chaplains

Qualified Applicants must pass the following:

  • Oral and Personal History Statement interviews/reviews
  • Background investigation
  • Counseling credential review
  • Butte County Sheriff's Office Chaplaincy approved training course

Steps to Apply

  • Download and submit completed BCSO Chaplain Application (PDF)
  • Submit your counseling verification documents
  • Submit your reference statement
  • Once you are notified that your application was accepted:
    • Prepare for background investigation
    • Submit a Peace Officers personal history statement
    • Prepare for interviews for selected applicants

Butte County Sheriff's Office Chaplaincy Information