Water Conservation & Landscape Design

The way you design and manage the landscaping around your home or business can protect our local waterbodies by slowing the flow of soil, chemicals (including pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers), and other pollutants from yards and gardens.

Follow these tips to help conserve water and reduce runoff of water and pollutants:

  • Help water soak into the ground by aerating your soil and using porous materials, like stones, gravel, and mulch, in areas where you don’t have plants.
  • Use landscape features, like rain gardens, terrace walls, and trees, to help hold water within your yard or garden.
  • Regularly inspect your irrigation equipment and consider using a “smart” irrigation controller to reduce overwatering.

Visit these websites to learn more about how you can design your landscaping to conserve water and protect our nearby creeks, streams, and lakes: