Clean Water Partners

What Is the Clean Water Business Partners Program?

The County of Butte and City of Chico's Stormwater Management Programs have developed the County Clean Water Business Partners (BCCWBP) program to help prevent stormwater pollution. Rather than impose more regulations on businesses, the Clean Water Business Partners Program provides incentives to local businesses for promoting clean water awareness and implementing Best Management Practices (BMPs) like properly draining their used wastewater into the sanitary sewer system for treatment. Not only do the participating businesses and customers benefit, but our local environment does as well!

Storm drains collect water outside of homes and businesses and channel the water directly to waterways such as local creeks and rivers, untreated. More pollutants reach our waterways through storm drains than through sewage treatment plants and industrial discharges combined. To keep our waterways clean and healthy, it is important to keep pollutants out of the storm drain system.

The sanitary sewer system collects residential, commercial, and industrial wastewater (sewage) from inside buildings (e.g., toilets, sinks, and washing machines) and channels the wastewater to a treatment plant where pollutants are removed and the treated water is discharged into waterways. 

What Are the Benefits of the Butte County and City of Chico Clean Water Business Partner Program?

Clean Water Business Partners helps educate the community by conducting customer outreach.  Businesses that involve their customers in the program and comply with the program's Best Management Practices (BMPs) are included in the BCCWBP program promotional campaign and recognized by their customers as good environmental stewards.

How Do You Sign up?

Visit the Keep Chico Creeks Clean website, or contact Public Works.

Partner Information

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