Let's Talk Cannabis

LTC LogoThe Butte County Public Health Department (BCPH) is committed to providing you with the facts you need to make safe and informed choices.

By sharing science-based information, BCPH is working to increase awareness about cannabis and how it affects our bodies, minds and health. By providing this information, BCPH does not encourage the use of cannabis.

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Retail cannabis is not permitted in unincorporated Butte County. Learn more by visiting the What's Legal page.

Model Ordinance

Regulating Local Cannabis Retail Sales and Marketing

Public Health recommends local jurisdictions consider an ordinance allowing for the sale and marketing of cannabis to review the Butte County Model Ordinance (PDF). This model ordinance was developed by the Public Health Institute's Getting it Right from the Start: Local Regulation of Recreational Cannabis project, to help cities and counties reduce the negative health impacts of legalization. An editable version of the ordinance may be provided upon request.

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Responsible Use