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Butte County's Department of Water and Resource Conservation was formed on July 1, 1999 following many years implementing programs to protect the Butte County water resources.

Our Mission: To manage and conserve water and other resources for the citizens of Butte County.

Basin Management Objectives

The Basin Management Objectives are Butte County ordinances in place to help protect the County’s valuable groundwater resource.  BMOs provide critical data and information to ensure the continued sustainability of groundwater quantity and quality within the County. 

The main components of the BMO program include a strong monitoring program, sound evaluation and reporting of data, education and outreach to the groundwater stakeholders,  and information sharing through the Water Advisory Committee and the Technical Advisory Committee.  Each committee is appointed by the Board of Supervisors and staff support is provided by The Department of Water and Resource Conservation. Implemented as Chapter 33A of the Butte County Code, the first BMOs were adopted in June of 2006, later reviewed, and amended in 2011 to the current Basin Management Objective Report.

The Water Advisory Committee (WAC)

The WAC is a 28-member committee, which includes sub-inventory unit representatives, at-large members from each of the municipalities (Chico, Oroville, Paradise, Gridley, and Biggs), watershed groups, the Foothill and Mountain inventory units, and the Environmental and Agricultural sectors as shown on the map.  Each stakeholder group nominates their own representative.

The Technical Advisory Committee  (TAC)

The TAC is a seven-member committee that evaluates BMO monitoring data, information provided by members of the WAC and the Department of Water and Resource Conservation (Department), and provides feedback and recommendations.

Members of the WAC facilitate outreach to stakeholders in their area and act as a liaison between stakeholders, the Department, and the TAC. In addition, representatives provide input on the BMOs, monitoring wells, and local conditions within their Sub-Inventory Unit (SIU) to assist in the evaluation of their BMOs. This information is submitted to the Board of Supervisors by the Department in the Annual Groundwater Status Report. 

The WAC and TAC meet in the spring and fall, typically May and November, after groundwater level measurements are available for evaluation and discussion.  In addition, the WAC/TAC meetings are a forum for discussion and updates from the Department regarding water related policy and issues at the local and state levels. 

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