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The Treasurer-Tax Collector’s Department operates three divisions - Treasury, Property Tax, and Central Collections. While the activities of each division are unique, the primary purpose of the department as a whole is to collect revenue owed to the County, cities, special districts, school districts, and the court system. The department is committed to providing excellent customer service and assuring effective utilization of the public’s tax dollars through a program of performance measurement and management.
Property Tax Auctions

Tax Auction Update

Next Tax Auction

The next auction of tax-defaulted properties is tentatively scheduled to take place in June 2016. Check back for more information. The auction list will be posted to this website around April 1, 2016.

Previous Tax Auction

The Treasurer-Tax Collector's Department conducted its last online auction of tax-defaulted properties in June 2014, selling a total of 57 properties for a combined purchase price of $1,276,170. After paying the outstanding tax bills associated with the auction properties, the balance of $665,993 is considered "excess proceeds" available for distribution to the parties of interest in each parcel. The deadline to submit claims for excess proceeds was July 10, 2015. Claims are currently being reviewed and a recommendation will be submitted to the Board of Supervisors for approval by November. It may be January before the funds are actually distributed.

Tax Auction Resources and Information

Tax Auction Excess Proceeds

Available Excess Proceeds

Historical List of Excess Proceeds:

Excess proceeds from the property tax auctions listed below have already been disbursed in accordance with California Revenue and Taxation Code Section 4675.


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10/15/15 -  The 2015/16 secured property tax bills are available to view and pay online and hard copies have been mailed. The first installment is due November 1st but there is a grace period to pay without penalties until December 10th. 

10/1/15 - The statewide Traffic Ticket Amnesty and Driver's License Reinstatement programs are in effect through March 31, 2017. Read more.