The total cost for the Butte County Solar Energy System was $8.4 million. The  County was able to purchase this system at no net cost based on:

  • $4.2 million PG&E rebate
  • $3.2 million loan from the California Energy Commission (CEC) that is repaid from savings on energy costs
  • $1.0 million loan from the Butte County Investment Pool that is also repaid from savings on energy costs
 The $316,000 per year energy savings equals the County's approximate annual debt  payment for this project. As energy prices increase,the amount of the debt  repayment will increase. It is expected that the loans will be repaid in 13 years.  From the 13th year through the expected life of the system (40 years) the County  expects to achieve savings of $316,000 per year, or savings of $8.5 million over the  life of the system.
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