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Sheriff Kory L. HoneaThe Sheriff’s Office serves all the citizens of Butte County by providing a mix of public safety and public service functions. The Sheriff’s Office provides around-the-clock law enforcement service to every region of the county. In addition to 24 hour policing, we offer Butte County citizens a full range of services including, coroner services, civil services, court security and corrections.

Civil Division

5 Gillick Way

Oroville, CA 95965

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The Sheriff is generally required to serve all process and notices in the manner prescribed by law (Govt. C 26608).  The California law governing the duties of the Sheriff is widely disseminated as the duties themselves are varied.  References to the obligations of the office are found in three different sections of the State Constitution, in almost all of the California codes, in all county charters, and in hundreds of court decisions. 

The Sheriff is a county officer (Govt. C 24000b).  He is obligated to obey orders of the courts of the state of California and to serve process and notices delivered to him for service.  The Sheriff is under a duty to return the process or notice “without delay”.  The officer is not under a duty to serve process the instant he receives it, but he is required to do so with reasonable speed and diligence.  What constitutes reasonable diligence varies with the circumstances of the case. 

Process includes a writ or summons issued in the course of judicial proceedings of either a civil or criminal nature.  Process also includes all writs, warrants, summons, and orders of court of justice, or judicial officers.  Notice includes all papers and orders required to be served in any proceedings.  Examples of these are Application and Order for Appearance and Examination, Order to Show Cause, Plaintiff’s Claim & Order to Defendant, Request for Order, Subpoenas, Summons & Complaint, and Summons & Petition.

The Civil Division provides this service to the public as well as collects and disburses money on levies, earnings withholding orders, third party levies, till taps, keeper levies, and automobile levies.  Levying Officer means the Sheriff or marshal (CCP 680.260).  In addition to the process to be served, the Sheriff is entitled to receive written instructions signed by the party requesting service or his attorney, and a deposit of monies sufficient to prepay his fees and expenses (CCP 262, CCP 262.1).

Our website is intended to provide helpful information, inform you of our policies and procedures, and Sheriff’s instructions forms for most of our civil process service and enforcement actions.  If you have questions about the processes the Sheriff serves, please contact us at (530) 538-7483.  This site is for information purposes only and not legal advice.  Please contact an attorney if you have a legal question and need legal advice. 

Public hours of operation:
Office 8:00am – 4:30pm, Monday - Friday, excluding holidays


California Courts, Self-Help Center California Courts, Self-Help Center  (

California Courts, Online Forms at forms.htm   (


Sheriff’s Forms ~

Letter of Instructions (LOI)

For Bank Levy

For Bank Levy w/Electronic Writ

For Earnings Withholding Order (Application WG-001 must be used)

For Eviction Service

For Eviction Service w/Electronic Writ

For “General” Services

Application for Earnings Withholding Order ~ WG-001

Claim of Exemption (Wage Garnishment) ~ WG-006

Claim of Exemption (Enforcement of Judgment) ~ EJ-160

Financial Statement ~ WG-007/EJ-165

Real Property Levy Instructions 

Keeper Instructions


Information ~

2018 Holiday Calendar

Eviction Process through the Superior Court

Fees for Services (We accept check, cash or money order ONLY, no Debit or Credit Cards)



                Instruction for 3-Day, 30-Day or 60-Day Notice(s)

                Instructions for Summons & Complaint Unlawful Detainer

                Instructions for Evictions


                Bank Levy Instructions

                Earnings Withholding Order Instructions


                                Bank Levy Claim of Exemption

                                Earnings Withholding Order Claim of Exemption


                Bench Warrant

Civil Subpoena

                Order to Show Cause

                Plaintiff’s Claim & Order to Defendant to go to Small Claims Court

                Request for Order

                Summons & Complaint Services

                Summons & Petition Services

                Temporary Restraining Orders

                Service of other, generic Civil Documents


Sharp Self Help flyer


Sheriff’s Real Property Sales Notices:


Sheriff’s Letter of Instructions (LOI)

Per CCP 262, a Letter of Instruction MUST accompany all service requests.  If not using our generic fill in form, the following 4 items are required:

1. Addressed to Butte County Sheriff.

2. Name(s) and complete address(s) [include city, state, and zip] of person(s) to be served ~ Please list name as it appears on the court documents.

3. Name/List of document(s) to be served.

4. Signed (Original “wet” signature) by Plaintiff or the Attorney for Plaintiff [if you have one], including requestor mailing address and daytime phone number.

You may also provide us with any additional information you have (i.e. gender, date of birth, age, description: hair / eye color, height, weight, vehicle info: color/year/make/model). 


Our Process for Service

The Civil Division of the Butte County Sheriff’s Office will attempt to process and serve your documents in a timely manner.  NOTE: Service Is Not Guaranteed, Date and Time of Service Is Not Guaranteed, Productivity of a Levy Is Not Guaranteed.

We cannot provide any legal advice


It is our policy to issue a receipt when cash is received.  If you pay by check, the Proof of Service will be your receipt.


We make 2-3 attempts of service, Monday through Friday during business hours (excluding holidays).

We shred ALL un-served documents.


Proof of Service

For all General Services:

After 2-3 attempts are completed, we will mail a Proof of Service, whether successful or unsuccessful, to the address provided on the Letter of Instruction.  If a hearing date is noted, the Original Proof of Service is sent directly to the Court for you.  If you receive two (2) copies of the Proof of Service, it is your responsibility to file with the Court.  If we are unsuccessful the Proof of Service/Affidavit of Unsuccessful Service will show the dates and times attempts were made.


On WRIT of Execution Processes (Bank Levy or Wage Garnishment):

A Proof of Service is not issued.  For a Wage Garnishment, we send a copy of the Employer’s Return form to the Attorney/Creditor.  When the Bank returns the Memorandum of Garnishee, it is forwarded to the Attorney/Creditor.


At the end of a Wage Garnishment or Bank Levy Process, we prepare a Return to Court / WRIT of Execution detailing the Sheriff’s actions.  The Original Return and WRIT are sent to the Court who issued the WRIT.  A copy is mailed to the Attorney/Creditor.


CHANGES REQUIRED FOR ALL WRITS ~ Effective January 01, 2011

Per CCP 712.020(h) & CCP 699.520(k), ALL WRITS MUST state whether the case is “limited” or “unlimited”.

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