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Sheriff Jerry W. SmithThe Sheriff’s Office serves all the citizens of Butte County by providing a mix of public safety and public service functions. The Sheriff’s Office provides around-the-clock law enforcement service to every region of the county. In addition to 24 hour policing, we offer Butte County citizens a full range of services including, coroner services, civil services, court security and corrections.

Mill Creek marijuana garden raid

On August 27, 2015 the Butte County Sheriff’s Office Special Enforcement Unit along with members of the United States Forest Service raided a large marijuana garden on Mill Creek east of Pulga. The marijuana garden was spread along Mill Creek in extremely steep and rugged terrain. The marijuana plants were planted in small groups for almost a mile along the hillside.
During the initial raid of the marijuana garden, law enforcement encountered at least one suspect near a campsite who fled on foot. Forest Service K-9 “Jackie” was deployed in an effort to apprehend the fleeing suspect. After a lengthy chase it is believed “Jackie” encountered the suspect. In an effort to escape, the suspect stuck “Jackie” in the head with a rock. “Jackie” and her Forest Service Handler were air lifted to a Chico area Veterinarian Hospital where “Jackie” was treated for her head injuries. At the time of this media release, “Jackie” is doing well and expected to return to work on Saturday.
Deputies and Forest Service Officers continued to search for the suspect, but after four hours the search was called off.
Deputies located five separate campsites containing tents, sleeping bags, camp stoves, food supplies, and hundreds of pounds of trash. Deputies located two firearms in the campsite where the suspect fled from; a short barreled shotgun and a .22 caliber rifle. The marijuana plants were being watered by Mill Creek and several springs. The suspects had diverted the natural flow of the water sources to holding tanks dug into the side of the mountain and then piped the water to each cultivation site. Over 2000 marijuana plants were eradicated from the site.

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BCSO Joins Nextdoor Online Community

August 28, 2015
Oroville, Ca— The Butte County Sheriff’s Office has joined the Nextdoor community and is looking forward to another exciting way of connecting with the Citizens of Butte County. Nextdoor is an online community, where neighbors can connect to share information, much like an online Neighborhood Watch group.
BCSO encourages neighborhoods to set up their own Nextdoor websites to communicate with each other and share information. Individual neighborhood websites are private, BCSO will not be able to access the information shared on individual sites; however, BCSO will be able to share information on crime prevention, safety, community events and emergency notifications. Please visit for more information.
BCSO is looking forward to this new opportunity to make community connections. When we work together, we can build stronger, safer neighborhoods throughout Butte County. Please join us in our effort to make Butte County a safer place to live, work and play!
For more information, please contact
BCSO Media Liaison Miranda Bowersox
530.538.5384, 530.990.6949
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911 system issues

The Butte County Sheriff’s Office is having technical problems with the 911 system. Technicians are working on the problem and will have the issues resolved as soon as possible. At this time, the cause of the problem is unknown. The Sheriff’s Office is providing the following phone numbers to call in case of an emergency:
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Marijuana garden eradication

In June 2015, members of the Butte County Sheriff’s Office Special Enforcement Unit located a large commercial marijuana grow in the Highway 70 canyon near Hibbard Creek.  On August 20th, 2015 the Special Enforcment Unit along with Fish and Wildlife Officers and US Forest Service Agents,  hiked to the marijuana garden, which was located 1.5 miles above Highway 70 at an elevation change of 1500’.  Upon entering the marijuana garden, Deputies located several plots of marijauana as well as numerous marijuana processing areas and water storage locations.  The marijuana grow was being watered from diverted water from Hibbard Creek.  Several tents and a camp/kitchen area was located within the marijuana garden.  No suspects were located in the site.  Assisting in the eradictaion of the marijuana were Deputies from Nevada County and Agents from the Butte Interagency Narcotic Task Force.  A total of 4,787 marijuana plants were eradicated from the site. 

While Deputies removed the marijauna from Hibbard Creek, a second large commercial marijuana garden was located in the Kister Ridge area of the Highway 70 canyon.  Several marijuana plots were located along the steep hillside and were all being watered via drip tubing.  A large camp was located that had been encased with chain link fencing in an attempt to keep bears away from the food within.  Seveal pounds of hanging and drying marijuana was located aroud the camp area.  Assisting with the eradication of this marijuana garden was the Special Enforcement Unit, Fish and Wildlife Officers, Nevada County Deputies, and the Butte Interagency Narcotic Task Force.  A total of 4,231 marijuana plants were eradicated from the Kister Ridge area.

Cleanup from both of these sites is scheduled for later next month.

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Search warrant service on Leandra Way Berry Creek

On August 14th, 2015, members of the Butte County Sheriff’s Office Special Enforcement Unit served a search warrant in the 100 block of Leandra Way, Berry Creek.

 Upon service of the search warrant at the Leandra Way property, Deputies located German Bedoya-Gonzalez (Age 49 of Berry Creek) inside a double wide mobile home.  Manuel Horacio Bedoya (Age 33 of Katy, Texas) later arrived at the property.


Next to the mobile home was an indoor marijuana grow and several marijuana plants lined the driveway of the property.  Two indoor grow room with marijuana plants were located in the double wide mobile home.  Located above the double wide mobile home were two greenhouses filled with marijuana plants.  In total 664 marijuana plants were located on the property and eradicated.  One firearm was found in the mobile home as well as packaging material consistent with marijuana sales.  $30,000.00 in US Currency was located hidden in a bathroom also consistent with marijuana sales.

 As Deputies searched the surrounding area, water lines were located coming from the Leandra Way property to a second parcel that contained an additional 70 marijuana plants that were being cared for by a male who fled the area.


Four children were located at the scene and later removed by Child Protective Services.

 Manuel Horacio Bedoya was arrested for the cultivation of marijuana, possession of marijuana for sale, armed in the commission of a felony, felon in possession of a firearm, and felon in possession of ammunition.

 German Bedoya-Gonzalez was arrested for the cultivation of marijuana, possession of marijuana for sale, and armed in the commission of a felony.

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