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Recycling is more than extending the life of our landfill.  It is about making the best use of the resources we have available and preserving those resources for future generations.  It is about conserving water, energy, land and materials.  It is about creating a sustainable community that values what we have and what future generations deserve to have.  When you bury something in the landfill, it's like burying the energy and water it took to create that product.
Frequently Asked Questions about Collection Areas

Haulers and Collection

Q. Will I get a new hauler?

You may. Starting March 1, 2015, the unincorporated area of the County will be divided into three collection areas and one company will service each of the three areas exclusively.  Search the map to find your waste hauler and see the rates for your area. City services will remain unchanged.

  • Waste Management (WM) will serve the northwest area of the County.
    • For billing questions call: 530.345.1281
    • For all other questions call: 530.893.4777.
  • Northern Recycling & Waste Services (NRWS) will serve the Paradise Ridge area. 
    • Call NRWS at 530.876.3340.
  • Recology will serve the southern portion of the County.
    • Call Recology at 530.533.5868. 
  • Butte County Public Works
    • Call Steve Rodowick, Recycling Coordinator: 530.879.2352

Q. Will I receive a new cart(s) from my new hauler?

Yes. Your new hauler will switch out your existing carts for their new carts. In order to reduce the cost of transition, haulers agreed to service your current cart(s), even if they are from a different service provider, until they can exchange them for new ones. Haulers have up to six months to switch out the cart(s).

Q. Will my pick-up day change?

It may. Pick-up schedules are set up by each hauler. Your day may change depending on the hauler designated for your area.  You may contact your hauler directly to inquire about your pick-up day. Search the map to find your hauler and contact information.

Q. I put my trash carts out, but they were not picked up by my hauler. What should I do?

With any change of this magnitude there are always anticipated and unanticipated issues that need to be resolved. Collection issues are typically resolved within two to three weeks. All the haulers are running trucks to collect missed pickups experienced with the new routes. Contact your hauling company if your trash carts were not collected. Search the map to find your waste hauler and contact information. If you continue to experience missed pick-ups, please contact Todd Storti at 530.879.2350 or

Rates and Billing

Q. Will my rate (bill) change? 

You may see a small change up or down depending on your location. Your rate is determined based on your location in a recycling zone or in one of four rate quadrants. Keeping rates competitive for residents is a priority for Butte County. The rates are part of the haulers contracts and cannot be changed outside the terms of the contract. See the rates for price quadrants and recycling zones. Contact your hauler about commercial services and rates.

Q. Why is my bill was different than the published rate for my area?

The County has been made aware that many Waste Management customers received a billing statement that included fuel / environmental and administrative surcharges. SURCHARGES ARE NOT ALLOWED UNDER THE FRANCHISE CONTRACT. Waste Management has informed the County that they are applying credits to customer bills to reverse those charges. 

Waste Management customers can call 530.345.1281 and talk to a local representative about their bill. See the rates for pricing quadrants and recycling zones. Search the map to find your waste hauler and see the rates for your area.

Q. How were the waste and recycling collection fees determined?

Waste and Recycling Collection Fees Collection fees were based on the Study of fees that were charged by each of the three collection companies in a geographical area (quadrant) of the County. An average fee was calculated for each of the service levels (can/cart size) and set as the initial fee. Your rate may or may not change based on your current collection fee as compared to the average for the fees charged. For the majority of customers it was determined that their collection fees would be reduced unless additional services were being provided. View rates for each pricing quadrant.

Each Recycling Zone has a different collection fee. The collection fee for each Recycling Zone was set as the average of the collection fees charged by the three collection companies providing service in each Recycling Zone. View rates for each recycling zone and search the map to see if your property is located in a recycling zone.

Recycling Zones and Services

Q. What is a Recycling Zone?

There are six recycling zones throughout the unincorporated area of Butte County. Recycling Zones were created based on the density of residential dwellings (homes per mile) that is similar to incorporated cities. Higher density equates to greater collection efficiency allowing for additional collection programs like recycling and yard waste collection to be provided at a low cost. Recycling zones include the three-cart service (trash, recycling, yard waste). Search the map to see if your property is in a recycling zone.

  • Zone 1 (RZ1) – Durham
  • Zone 2 (RZ2) – Magalia
  • Zone 3 (RZ3) – South Oroville
  • Zone 4 (RZ4) – Thermalito
  • Zone 5 (RZ5) – Kelly Ridge
  • Zone 6 (RZ6) – Chico, sphere of influence

Q. Why do I have recycling collection every other week when I used to have it every week?

The majority of customers received every other week collection of recyclables prior to implementation of the new collection areas and recycling zones. Some customers did receive weekly collection. For customers inside a Recycling Zone, collection of recycling and yard waste is every other week, and will occur on alternating weeks. Trash collection is weekly. For customers that generate more recyclables or yard waste than can be accommodated in the carts you have with every other week collection, a second cart can be ordered at a discounted rate (recycling cart $2.50 per month and yard waste cart $5 per month.)

Q. My property is located in the Chico Recycling Zone (Zone 6). Will my recycling and yard waste be collected every week or every other week?

Every week. Starting Monday, March 16, 2015, recycling and yard waste will be collected weekly along with waste in the Chico Recycling Zone. The rates for the Chico Recycling Zone will remain as published for the zone. See the rates for the Chico Recycling Zone.

Q. If I live in a Recycling Zone, but do not have recycling carts, will I be charged for recycling?

No, not until you receive the appropriate carts.  If you currently do not have recycling and yard waste carts, the hauler is not allowed to charge you the new Recycling Zone collection fees. In this case, the hauler will continue to charge what you are currently paying until they supply you with recycling and yard waste carts.

Q. I live in a Recycling Zone, what if I don’t want recycling and/or yard waste collection?

You can opt out of recycling and/or yard waste collection, but you will be charged at the same rate as if you are provided those services. Collection fees are setup to promote recycling.

Q. Will haulers offer recycling collection outside a Recycling Zone?

Haulers may offer recycling outside a Recycling Zone, but it will vary by location. If the area in question is contiguous to a Recycling Zone, the haulers have indicated that they will most likely will offer recycling, but it may be phased in over the period of six months. In some areas the haulers have indicated they will be locating centralized recycling bins to service residents in the outlying areas. If you currently do not have recycling service and would like it, contact your service provider after the initial roll out of the new collection area on March 1, 2014 and ask about the plans for recycling service in your area. You may want to wait six to eight weeks after the new collection area go into effect in order to give haulers time to develop a plan for recycling service in your area.

Q. I live outside a Recycling Zone, but I used to have recycling. Will my new hauler offer me recycling?

Some customers living outside a Recycling Zone were receiving recycling collection from their previous hauling company. Haulers are required to provide recycling and yard waste collection inside a Recycling Zone, but are not required to provide it outside the Recycling Zone boundary. Haulers are concentrating first on the services they are required to provide. The haulers have told us that after the required services are implemented and working smoothly, they will consider expanding recycling services to areas contiguous to the Recycling Zones. Contact your hauler and let them know that you would like recycling service. Search the map to find your waste hauler and see if your property is in a recycling zone.

Q. Will my service change?

Possibly, but you may now have access to more services. All residents in recycling zones will receive the three-cart service (trash, recycling, yard waste) Residents outside recycling zones may have the option to purchase recycling for an additional fee. Contact your hauler for your area to inquire about available services that they may offer. Search the map to find your hauler and contact information. Contact your hauler about commercial service sand rates.

Q. Why won't my hauler come down my private road to pick collect my trash carts?

Hauling companies are required to provide waste collection on public roads, but not private roads, as their equipment may cause damage to the private road. Hauling companies are assessing private roads on a case-by-case basis. If the road is safe, residents are being asked to sign a waiver of liability for damage the hauler’s collection equipment may cause. If the road is not safe for their trucks, company representatives will assist customers with where to locate their trash carts.

Franchise Agreements

Q. Why were collection areas established?

In order for the County to have an effective program to manage waste and recycling programs and services, the County initiated a comprehensive study of services provided by the County’s three waste and recycling collection companies already operating under one-year renewable permits. The study concluded that there was an opportunity for the County to require more accountability of the collection companies, more services to be provided, and to reduce the number of heavy collection trucks impacting roads and neighborhoods. A recommendation was presented to create three collection service areas in the unincorporated area of the County and to issue three franchises for waste and recycling services. The franchise service areas, also called collection areas were created based on the number of customers each collection company had at the time the franchise service study was completed. Waste Collection is subscription based and is not mandatory. Collection services available vary by geographical area and if you are located inside or outside a Recycling Zone. Search the map to see collection areas, find your hauler, and see if you property is in a recycling zone.

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