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Welcome to the Butte County Department of Public Works, serving its residents since 1850. The Public Works Department maintains approximately 1,300 miles of roadways, including over 500 bridges and drainage structures and more than 18,000 road signs. Our goal is to provide you with the best customer service possible. If you are unable to find what you are looking for on our website, please call our office for more personal service.
Encroachment Permits


IMPORTANT NOTICE:  The permit fee for Enchrachment Permits will be increasing to $322.00, as of January 1, 2022.  The fax number has changed to: 530.645.1822.  Make sure you dial the entire fax number when you send us a fax to ensure proper routing.  You may also submit your application online using the simple steps below.


                       1.  Download the application.  
                       2.  Complete, scan and upload the application.
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An encroachment permit is required any time work is performed in the County right-of-way. According to Butte County Code 10-77, “Encroachment” means any sign, billboard, pole, pole line, pipe, pipeline, fence, stand, driveway, roadway, culvert, building excavation or ally structure or object of any kind or character not particularly mentioned herein which is placed in under or over any portion of the entire County right-of-way.  Typically there are two inspections made. One is made prior to the start of work to verify location of the encroachment, and then there is a final inspection that is made after completion of the work.

Cost:   See Butte County Master Fee schedule, Public Works section

Term:   The work is required to be completed within one year of the date of issue and the encroachment can remain in place for the life of the encroachment.

NOTE: Adobe Reader is required to open applications. With Adobe Reader X or higher, you can also save the form after filling it out.


Instructions (English)

Encroachment Permit Application Process

  1. There is a 5 day minimum processing time on all applications.
  2. All applications must be filled out completely and signed by property owner/and/or licensed contractor.
  3. “Location of work to be done” includes address of property and/or assessor's parcel number and a description of the location (i.e.: distance from the nearest crossroad or other well-defined landmark).
  4. Along with the application, a plot map showing the site location of the driveway approach must be submitted.
  5. Applicant must place a flag or similar item at the location to help the inspector locate the site in the field for a pre-inspection.
  6. If items #2 – #5 are not completed at the time of the pre-inspection, this application will be delayed or returned.
  7. All applicants/contractors who perform the actual work must have certificate of general liability insurance on file with Public Works with at least $1,000,000 general liability coverage with Butte County Public Works listed as additional insured and Butte County listed as a certificate holder. 
  8. All work pertaining to the encroachment permit must be finalized or bonded for completion before home occupancy. Permittee has up to one year to complete permit requirements.
  9. Permit fee: See Butte County Master Fee schedule
  10. If you were required to obtain an encroachment permit prior to issuance of a building permit, then all construction outlined on the encroachment permit must be completed and Public Works final approval must be obtained prior to the Building Division being able to final your building permit. Contact the Public Works Department, 7 County Center Drive, Oroville, CA 95965, telephone 530.538.7681, Fax 530.645.1822, email, if you have any questions. You may request inspection for an issued permit online here. Make sure you dial the entire fax number when you send us a fax to ensure proper routing. 

Instructions (Spanish) 

Aplicacion de Permiso para Usar Propiedad

  1. Hay un mínimo de 5 días para procesar todas las aplicaciones.
  2. Todas aplicaciones deben ser completadas y ser firmadas por el dueño de la propiedad y/o el contratista con licencia.
  3. “La ubicación del trabajo para ser hecho” incluye la dirección de la propiedad y/o el número del recaudador de impuestos y una descripción de la ubicación (es decir: la distancia del cruce más cercano o otra señal bien definida).
  4. Debe incluir un mapa del complejo que muestra la ubicación del sitio de la entrada principal (driveway), junto con la aplicación.
  5. El solicitante/personas qué hacen el trabajo debe colocar una bandera o artículo semejante en la ubicación para ayudar al inspector localizar el sitio para una pre-inspección.
  6. Si artículos #2 – #5 no son completados al tiempo de la pre-inspección, esta aplicación se demorará o será regresada.
  7. Todos los solicitantes deben tener un certificado de seguro a la propiedad en el archivo con public works con la corbertura de por lo menos $ 1.000.000,00 nombrando al Butte County Public Works como un asegurado adicional y el poseedor del certificado.
  8. Todo trabajo que pertenece al permiso de usar propiedad se debe completar o debe ser agregado para terminación antes de tomar ocupación en la casa. Las personas interesadas tienen hasta un año para completar los requisitos del permiso.
  9. El coste del permisoes: horario de honorarios maestro
  10.  Si le requirieron obtener un permiso para usar propiedad antes de la emisión de un permiso de edificio, entonces toda la construcción contorneada en el permiso para usar propiedad debe ser terminada y la aprobación final de las obras públicas se debe obtener antes de la División del Edificio que puede al final su permiso de edificio. Entre en contacto con el departamento de Public Works, 7 County Center Drive, Oroville, CA 95965, teléfono .530.538.7681, Fax 530.645.1822, email, si usted tiene cualesquiera preguntas. Usted puede solicitar la inspección para un permiso publicado aquí. Asegurese que marcas el entero numero del digito de la entrada (once numerous sin guiones) cuando manda un fax.



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