Substance Abuse

Substance Abuse, whether from alcohol or legal or illegal drugs, is a disease that takes priority over all other human needs. The cravings and dependent behaviors put the drugs or alcohol above your children, career or even your basic needs. If you or someone you know and care about are caught in the ravages of addiction, seek treatment.

Treatment works!! Recent scientific advances have revolutionized our understanding of drug abuse and addiction. These advances are showing the way toward the prevention and treatment of addiction. Science, not anecdote, must form the foundation for our nation's drug abuse reduction efforts.

If you need help and want substance abuse treatment - Call: 1-800-334-6622 for Behavioral Health Adult Services.

Comprehensive Addiction report: Community Methamphetamine Prevention Plan

Community Coalition:

Butte County Methamphetamine Strike Force

The mission of the Butte County Methamphetamine Strike Force is to eliminate methamphetamine from Butte County by supporting local prevention, treatment, and enforcement efforts. The Strike Force has subcommittees that work on accomplishing objectives to make the mission a reality. Community education is an important aspect of prevention. The articles posted here are written by the Strike Force and printed in the Mercury Register, the local Oroville newspaper.

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Teen Resouce Guide

About the Methamphetamine Update Articles

Send Me The Bill

Crime, Compassion, and Recovery

Cross to Bear

Helping Hand

Hey Addicts

When the Problem Hits Home

Recovery – In or Out

Freedom to Use

Set of Relevant Questions

The Personal Touch

Step Up

Qualifying Disease

Last to Know

Assessing the Circumstances

Assessment Dilemmas

The Good Dr

New to Recovery

It’s Really About Living

Tis the Season

Illusion of Flight

New Thinking for an Old Problem

People, Places and Things


Prevention Caution

Conventional Wisdom

Testing 1-2-3

Amazing Grace

Joining the Party of Sobriety

When the Weather is Fine

The Letter That Couldn’t Be Sent

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