Breastfeeding Support

We support breastfeeding women. Most families make the infant feeding decision without knowing all of the facts about breastfeeding. Breastfeeding makes a BIG difference in the health and future wellness of a child.

Many women are not prepared for the demands of a new baby and breastfeeding may overwhelm them. We can help a woman learn how to breastfeed comfortably and successfully.

Services we provide at WIC:

Phone (530) 891-2767 - Chico & Paradise
Phone (530) 538-7455 - Oroville & Gridley Toll Free: 1 866-416-9942

Fax: Chico/Paradise: (530) 895-6544 and Oroville/Gridley: (530) 538-2092


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Breastfeeding Support Resources

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