Environmental Health

Green-Yellow-Red Placard Program

Tell the Butte County Environmental Health Division how you feel about the Green-Yellow-Red Placard Program for rating retail food facilities.

How it Works

A Green, Yellow, or Red placard would be issued at the end of each food facility inspection and would be located at the entrance of the food facility.

See a description of the program including terminology and a full explanation of the color-coded placards.

Why Rate Retail Food Establishments?

A rating system makes it easy for consumers to understand the results of a food facility’s health inspections.  Implementation of a rating system in other counties resulted in increased compliance with food safety requirements and decreased occurrences of foodborne illnesses.  See results from Sacramento County.

The Environmental Health Division is responsible for inspecting and regulating retail food facilities in Butte County to assure that the food you eat is safe.  A rating system is a way to provide simple and understandable health inspection results to the public.

Placard Program Summary
Draft Placard Program Plan