As part of the CDER Divisionís commitment to maintaining a healthy community, the Butte County Public Health Communicable Disease Staff provide education, information and referrals for individuals with Tuberculosis (TB) infection or TB disease. Communicable Disease nurses also provide general public information and consult with medical providers and community agencies regarding TB control recommendations.

Tuberculosis infection, known as latent tuberculosis (LTBI), occurs when an individual breathes in TB bacteria from a person who has tuberculosis disease (active TB). People with latent TB have a positive TB skin test (TST) and a normal chest x-ray. These individuals are not ill and are not infectious to other people. Occasionally, people with latent TB will go on to develop active disease. People with active TB receive close follow-up by the Health Department in conjunction with their private physician.

Treating latent TB infection will prevent the infection from progressing to active disease. A new regimen for the treatment of latent TB infection, called the 12-dose regimen, significantly reduces the number of doses of medication and shortens the duration of treatment.

TB skin testing is a simple procedure used to determine absence or presence of TB infection. Individuals may have TB skin testing done for certain work or volunteer positions or as part of routine health screening.

Butte County Health Department clinics provide TB skin testing by appointment. Appointments may be made by calling 538-7341 (Oroville) or 879-3665 (Chico).

For general questions regarding tuberculosis, contact the Butte County Communicable Disease Nursing Department at 538-2840 or 891-2732.

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