HIV / AIDS Programs


Butte County provides a range of HIV care services. HIV care services are primarily provided by Butte County Public Health Department, Home Health Care Management/Caring Choices, and Ampla Health Clinics.  

HIV Care Program (HCP)

HIV Care Program (HCP) services are administered by Butte County Public Health Department. HCP services are available to individuals residing in Butte and Glenn counties. The HCP is designed to assist clients in managing the complex medical and psychosocial aspects of HIV disease.

The HCP case management team provides case management, health education, risk reduction, benefits counseling, treatment adherence counseling, lab testing and referrals to HIV specialty medical care and supportive services.

In addition, the Program provides partner notification and HIV testing, medical transportation assistance, access to the Office of AIDS- Health Insurance Premium Payment (OA-HIPP) programs and AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP). HCP case managers also participate in multi-agency case conferencing. This collaborative relationship between Ampla Health Clinics, Home Health Care Management/Caring Choices and other local Ryan White providers allows for optimum service delivery to clients.

To enroll in the HIV Care Program or for more information contact any one of our HCP staff:

Lorna Andreatta at (530) 538-2120

Jim Gamez at (530) 538-2078

Cassie Louder-Miracle at (530) 538-7843

or toll free at 1-877-783-4636.

Links to other local HIV care providers:

Home Health Care Management/Caring Choices:

Ampla Health Clinics:

HIV Testing

HIV & Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) testing is offered at Butte County Public Health Clinics. (Must have Medi-Cal/CMSP or be Family Pact eligible or private pay) For an appointment call:

Chico: 695 Oleander Ave, Chico, CA 95926 (530) 879-3665 or (530) 891-2731

Oroville: 78 Table Mountain Blvd. Oroville, CA 95965 (530) 538-7341

AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP)

“ADAP” stands for AIDS Drug Assistance Program. ADAP was established in 1987 to help ensure that HIV positive uninsured and under-insured individuals have access to pharmaceutical (drug) therapies. The goal of ADAP is to make available, in an effective and timely manner to people living with HIV, drug treatments that can reliably be expected to increase the duration and quality of life.

The California ADAP program is funded by Ryan White Care dollars and funds from the State of California. ADAP is a program that is available in other states throughout the United States.

Currently, over 150 drugs are available through ADAP, and there are approximately 3,500 participating pharmacies statewide where clients can have access to these drugs.

You are eligible for ADAP services if:

To enroll in ADAP or for more information call any one of our ADAP Enrollment Workers:

Lorna Andreatta at (530) 538-2120

Jim Gamez at (530) 538-2078

Cassie Louder-Miracle at (530) 538-7843

or toll free at 1-877-783-4636

ADAP Web link:

HIV/AIDS Surveillance Program

The HIV/AIDS Surveillance Program monitors and tracks HIV disease in Butte County. Health care providers and laboratories must report any new cases of HIV to the local health department. Data and statistical information regarding the incidence and prevalence of HIV and AIDS cases are vital to provide accurate epidemiological data and procure federal funding. The Centers for Disease Control requires states to report HIV cases to be eligible to receive Ryan White federal funding. This Ryan White federal funding helps to provide life-saving care and treatment.

Info on HIV Ryan White funding and programs:

For more information about HIV reporting, visit the California Department of Public Health, Office of AIDS website here.

The California statistics are available here.

Butte County monthly HIV/AIDS Statistics are available here.

For assistance, information or case report forms call Jim Gamez at (530) 538-2078 or Cassie Louder-Miracle at (530) 538-7843