World AIDS Day 2006: Take Action, AIDS is Not Over

aids ribbon

Almost two months after World AIDS Day, the rallies are over and the media’s attention has moved on. Yet the forecast remains the same. Globally, an estimated 11,000 new HIV infections occur daily. Just 56 days after the World AIDS Day awareness events/activities on December 1st; more than a half million men, women, and children have become infected with HIV.

Over the years, millions upon millions of dollars have been spent talking about HIV. While the world talked in 2006, another 3 million people died from AIDS. Another 4.3 million contracted HIV, bringing the global total to 39.5 million.

Great work was done in 2006 to promote awareness in our community; however, it is important to remember that the fight to stop and begin to reverse the spread of this pandemic does not end after World AIDS Day. We must continue to join together in our commitment to fight HIV infection and AIDS by providing opportunities to educate; promote awareness; and create community dialogue about prevention, care and treatment.

Lori Hungerford, Butte County World AIDS Day Planning Committee Coordinator (Statistics provided by Centers for Disease, Control, and Prevention (CDC), UNAIDS, and AVERT)

aids day committee

World AIDS Day 2006 Planning Committee

From left to right (back row) Kiyomi Bird, James Gamez, Erik Rueben, Sandora Nishio, Sherry Bloker, Annette Spanutius

From left to right(front row) Lori Hungerford, Lorna Andreatta, Pam Bodnar, & Bernice Baptiste.

Committee Members not pictured: Amber Ostrander, John Hughes, Barbara Hanna, Chuck Voss.

Click here for pictures from World AIDS Day 2006 events in Butte County(pdf)