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Michelle Gonzalez

Meet Michelle Gonzalez, a Butte County Probation Officer since 2011. Michelle and her husband moved to Butte County to be closer to his family and love how beautiful it is with all the parks and outdoor activities. Michelle has a long career in Probation and notes how different it is now than it used to be saying, "23 years ago I was kicking down doors and conducting searches. Today we look at what people on probation need to successfully reintegrate into society and hopefully not reoffend. It is a completely different approach, a whole new mindset.”

Get to Know Michelle

Michelle Gonzalez QuoteMichelle Gonzalez is part of the Probation team doing business differently these days. Instead of just using punishment, such as picking up trash on the side of the road, Probation is offering opportunities for probationers, especially the youth, to make better choices and successfully reintegrate into society. Michelle started her career in Probation over 23 years ago in a department in Southern Oregon. Her husband’s family live in Butte County and being closer to them brought her family to Chico. Michelle worked with adults on Probation for a short time when she started with Butte County Probation, but she always knew she wanted to work with youth. “There is still hope for the kids, yes there is disappointment, but there is still hope they can turn it around and have a different future.”

Nearly three years ago, Michelle transitioned to a new role with Probation developing and implementing programs for youth probationers. Michelle said depending on who you ask she either requested the assignment or went kicking and screaming. Either way, Michelle is so happy to be working with kids. Her goal is to develop evidence-based programs along with projects that serve the specific needs of each kid and also allow the kids to give back to their communities. Michelle truly believes in the programs and the difference they are making for kids.

These days, Probation focuses on what the kids need instead of just punitive tasks because they have been “a bad kid.” Michelle and other Probation Officers begin by assessing the needs of each kid and placing them in programs or on projects to meet their specific needs. Michelle says it is about plugging the right kids into the right program. Programs range from a Strengthening Families Program to the Council for Boys and Youth Men or projects like Chico Park clean-up, CARD sports, and the Fresh Start Youth Farm. These programs and projects teach the kids both hard and soft skills for their future such as resume building, time management, helping the community, and trade skills. The key is providing the kids with programs to help them make better choices so they do not reoffend.

Michelle works many nights and weekends with the kids, but when she is not working with them she loves to be outside. Michelle and her husband have two large dogs they take to the park to play in the creek. She and her husband also enjoy riding bikes and going to farmers market in Chico. The County is lucky to have Michelle for all the passion and effort she puts into her work with the youth probationers.

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