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"The Butte County Probation Department is committed to enhancing public safety through rehabilitation and accountability."

Meet Joe Person, Jr.,  a Supervising Counselor at Butte County Juvenile Hall who has been with the Probation Department for 23 years. 

Joe moved to California from Indiana with his family in the 1960s because his father was interested in getting a construction job at the Oroville Dam. Growing up, his father opened two barbecue restaurants and had one of the first food trucks in the Chico area. 

“I have his secret recipes and he taught me to barbecue brag, so barbecue bragging is part of the process,” said Joe.

In 1986, Joe decided to join friends who were moving to Hawaii. While there, he started working with youth, coordinating improv theater activities at a school. Joe moved back to Chico and a family friend suggested that he apply for a position at Juvenile Hall as a counselor. He was hired for a part time position in 1995 and moved to full-time a year later.  

“I found it to be very exciting, it was something really new for me and it was a totally different setting that I wasn’t used to. But, I enjoyed the process and the interaction with the kids,” he said.  

Joe is a supervisor for the Camp Condor program, which is an eight-14 month, court ordered program for juvenile offenders that has an emphasis on accountability and achievement.  The program is centered on a series of rehabilitation phases focused on counseling and personal accountability, with the ultimate goal of reducing the chance of future criminal behavior. In addition to counseling and life skills programs, participants also engage in community service, educational and vocational opportunities. Joe’s primary responsibility within Juvenile Hall is to oversee the shift, ensure areas are appropriately staffed and solve any issues that arise, in addition to answering questions from Camp participants.   

In his time away from work, Joe is active in his church, where he sings in the choir, served as a deacon for 20 years and was recently ordained a minister. He also enjoys cooking, using his father’s barbecue recipes and spending time with family. Overall, Joe says that creating positive relationships with youth is one of the most important components of working in Juvenile Hall.   

“In the midst of everything that is going on in a locked facility, there are really good relationships with the kids.”




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