Our Mission:

"The Butte County Probation Department is committed to enhancing public safety through rehabilitation and accountability."

Juvenile Supervision


Informal Probation


Juvenile Court will refer some cases back to Probation for informal handling. In these situations the Court will usually continue the jurisdictional hearing out for a period of time to observe the minor’s progress. If progress is good the Court will eventually dismiss the petition. If progress is poor they will continue with the court process. The minor is not a ward of the Court when placed on informal probation, per Section 654 & 654.2 W&I Code.



Formal Probation


Wardship of the minor by the Court is declared per Section 602 W&I Code. A minor can be kept on formal probation until they are 21 years of age. Placing a minor on formal probation and declaring wardship allows for formal terms and conditions of probation.


Placement The Probation Officer can make a recommendation for out-of home placement, based on a minor’s needs assessment. Probation will monitor the minor’s progress while he/she is in  Court-ordered out of home placement.


Deferred Entry of Judgment


Certain felony offenses may be handled through the use of Deferred Entry of Judgment, per 790 W&I Code. This places a minor on probation for a period not to exceed 36 months, with the DA withdrawing the petition if the minor completes the program successfully.




Electronic Monitoring Program (EMP)/ Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) Program


This unit is a high risk management supervision division in charge of juvenile and adult offenders. Using the most updated technology, four Deputy Probation Officers and one technician maintain a caseload and provide intensive supervision and ensure compliance with court orders and expectations.



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Steve Bordin
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