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The mission of the Department of Human Resources is to provide County employees, members of the public, and County departments with strategic human resource services that are professional, timely, and reliable.
Employee Benefits

Benefits include a substantially paid health package (including medical, dental, and vision insurance for both employees and their dependents); a Voluntary Term Life Insurance program; optional Accidental Death and Dismemberment coverage; Social Security; an Employee Assistance Program; and paid holidays, vacation, and sick leave. In addition, the County participates in the Public Employees' Retirement System (PERS). Employees may also elect to participate in the County's Flexible Spending Program, deferred compensation programs, and/or supplemental life insurance.  Files on this page are currently available in an Adobe Acrobat format. Adobe's Acrobat Reader is required. 

Butte County Health Plan

Coverage under the Butte County Health Plan is for employees and their eligible dependents. Depending upon the plan selected by the employee, the County contributes a significant amount of the total cost of the complete health package, which consists of medical, vision, and dental insurance. For a complete listing of premiums please contact our office.

Health Insurance: Currently, employees and their dependents may choose from the following plans: 

Dental Insurance

Dental insurance is provided through Delta Dental. Coverage is available through either the Delta Premier or the Delta Preferred Options plans.

The Delta Premier plan is a preferred provider type of service with the plan contributing 80 percent of the participating dentist's fees for most general services. The remaining 20 percent is paid by the employee or dependent. The maximum annual benefit for the Delta Premier plan is $1,000 and certain other limitations do apply. In addition, there is a small annual deductible of $25 per person, with a maximum of $75 per family.

Coverage under the Delta Preferred Option, however, is 100 percent for most basic services (when those services are received from a participating dentist), with a maximum annual benefit of $1,500. This plan also has a small annual deductible with a 60 percent benefit on crowns, casts, and prosthodontic services.

Vision Insurance

Vision coverage is provided by Vision Service Plan (VSP). Benefits include an annual eye examination from one of the Plan's participating doctors, and, with the exception of the $10 co-payment, a $90 allowance towards the purchase of frames. The Plan also has negotiated discounts available for other cosmetic extras, such as progressive lenses, tints and Laservision correction discounts.

Cash Back

For those employees who have health coverage from other sources, and who elect to not participate in the Butte County Health Plan, the County offers a monthly taxable Cash-Back allowance. The current of the taxable Cash-Back allowance depends on Bargaining unit and date of hire. Currently the amount ranges from $200-$503.34 per month (prorated for less than full-time employees). Yearly re-certification required for this cash back program.

Voluntary Term Life Insurance

All employees are eligible to participate in the County's group life insurance program through MetLife Insurance. The amount of county-paid core coverage ranges from $20,000 to $25,000 depending on bargaining unit or employee group. For all other employees, the county-paid core coverage is $20,000. However, all employees are eligible to purchase additional insurance for themselves, their spouses, and their children. The premiums for the additional coverage are paid for by the employee through a payroll deduction.

Accidental Death

Dismemberment Insurance: The County also makes available to its employees an optional, employee-paid Accidental Death & Dismemberment insurance. This coverage can be purchased for the employee only, or the employee and his or her family. Again, the employee pays the premiums via a payroll deduction. 

Flexible Spending Program

County employees can elect to participate in a Flexible Spending Program administered by Discovery Benefits, Inc. This program allows employees to use pre-tax dollars to pay for certain health care and/or dependent care expenses. In addition, employees can choose to have their portion of the monthly Health Plan premium withheld from their checks on a pre-tax basis as well. Generally, employees who participate in the Flexible Spending Program have less taxes withheld from their payroll checks than if they had elected not to do so.

Deferred Compensation Plans:

To aid its employees in planning for retirement, the County offers a Deferred Compensation program. Deposits into these plans are strictly voluntary and are made through a payroll deduction. The County does not make contributions to the employees' Deferred Compensation accounts. Contributions to the plans are made on a tax deferred basis. The retirement plans have a wide array of investment vehicles with which to aid employees in their retirement planning.

The company that have contracted with the County to provide Deferred Compensation service is:

Employee Assistance Program

For employees and their families, the County makes available an Employee Assistance Program administered by Claremont EAP. The program provides services in a variety of areas: Clinical Counseling and Life Management Services; including Financial Consultation, Pre-Retirement Counseling, Child Care and Elder Care Consultations, Federal Taxpayer Consultation and Representation Services, Organizing Life's Affairs, and Legal Counseling. Every employee, together with his or her eligible dependents, is entitled to receive 8 sessions per eligible member, per incident, per plan year. The plan year runs from January 1 through December 31.

Short/Long Term Disability

For short-term disability, the County participates California State Disability Insurance (SDI) fund. County employees are also covered by a employee-paid long-term disability program. The long-term disability program is administered by  MetLife Insurance. The long-term disability insurance benefit is 60 percent of the disabled employee's biweekly wage.

For information regarding SDI/PFL Coordination, please review the Butte County SDI/PFL Coordination Policy.

Retirement Plan

Coverage by the California Public Employees Retirement Systems (Cal-PERS). Benefits of Cal-PERS membership as a Butte County employee include:

  • "Classic Members"-2% @ 55 program (for all classifications except safety); 
  • "Classic Members"-2% @ 50 program for Safety employees; 
  • "Classic Members"-3% @ 50 program for Safety employees; 
  • "New Members"-2% @ 62 program (for all classifications except safety);
  • "New Members"-2.7% @ 57 program for Safety employees; 
  • "New Members"-2.7% @ 57 program for Safety employees


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