Human Resources
The mission of the Department of Human Resources is to provide County employees, members of the public, and County departments with strategic human resource services that are professional, timely, and reliable.
Human Resources Staff Directory


Name:  Title: Phone: Email:
Front Desk General Information 530.538.7651
Pamela Knorr Director, Human Resources 530.538.7652
Sheri Waters Asst. Director, Human Resources 530.538.6948
Yvette McMillan Payroll Supervisor 530.538.2837
Mark Chambers HR Analyst, Principal 530.538.2174
Elisha Novell HR Analyst, Principal 530.538.6950
Joe Ambrosini Labor Relations Officer 530.538.2157
Raeshell Forrester Benefits Coordinator 530.538.7781
Connie Meahan HR Analyst, Senior (Recruitment) 530.538.6945
Tiana Day HR Analyst  (Recruitment) 530.538.3821
Leah Goodliffe HR Analyst (Recruitment) 530.538.6946
Melissa Williams HR Analyst, Associate (Recruitment) 530.538.6457
Silvia Franco-Davila HR Technician, Senior (Leaves) 530.538.7239
Christy Lager HR Technician (Benefits) 530.538.7651
Eleanore Jackson Administrative Assistant 530.538.7652
Angela Henry HR Technician (Benefits) 530.538.3832 
Lorianne Blake HR Technician, Senior (Payroll) 530.538.6104
Jennifer Shults Administrative Analyst 530.538.6451
Kim Brolliar HR Technician (Transactions) 530.538.6294 
Lea Ann Hannagan HR Technician, Senior (Payroll) 530.538.7741
Shannon Mobley
Information Systems Analyst 530.538.3880





HR Analyst, Associate (Recruitment)
HR Analyst, Associate (Recruitment)

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Butte County Human Resources
Phone:    530.538.7651
TTY:       530.538.6833
Fax:        530.538.7790

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Butte County Human Resources
3A County Center Drive
Oroville, CA 95965

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Monday - Friday
8:00am to 5:00pm

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