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A geographic information system (GIS) is a combination of hardware, people, procedures, software tools and data for the creation, display, management, and analysis of geographic information. GIS technology integrates common database operations with spatially referenced data and maps.

We provide GIS data and services for County personnel and the public. Check the Interactive Maps page for applications to use through your web browser. We also have maps in PDF format that you may view or download and use.

Many County departments rely on GIS as a tool to gather, query, and analyze information for any given area in Butte County.  GIS is currently being used for land use applications, public health, emergency services including police and fire support, water and resource conservation, communications, and public works projects, among others.

Butte County GIS is also an active participant in regional GIS groups with other agencies including the incorporated municipalities in Butte County, BCAG, LAFCO, CalFire, and some adjacent counties.  GIS data is coordinated and shared between these agencies.  Check our Links page to access other GIS related agency websites.

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