Butte County Fire Department is the largest fire department north of Sacramento, California to Eugene, Oregon. We are a combination of career and citizen volunteer firefighters.

Our Mission: "To protect the people of Butte County, their lives, property and livelihood, from fire and other threats to life safety in a caring and professional manner."

Butte County Fire Department

Who We Serve

In the largest sense we serve the over 33 million people of California. Locally we serve the 200,000 plus citizens of Butte County; and the 102,000 unincorporated residents of Butte County, the 2,700 citizens of the city of Biggs and the 5,000 citizens of the city of Gridley. Through automatic and mutual aid agreements, we also serve the cities of Oroville and Chico and the town of Paradise as well as each of the surrounding counties.

Our Equipment

Of our 42 Fire Stations we operate 64 Fire Engines, 1 Ladder Truck, 2 Heavy Rescues, 16 Water Tenders and 2 Bulldozers. We also operate myriad other apparatus from Air Tankers to Air Attack Units to Rescue Squads to Breathing Support Units to Hazardous Materials Units. We are leaders in the management of emergencies, and are cooperators on specialized emergency teams.

Chief's Message

On the day of my appointment as Butte County Fire Department/CAL FIRE Butte Unit Chief I took the opportunity to read three General Orders to all Butte County Fire Department/CAL FIRE Butte Unit personnel in attendance. These orders were directed at career and volunteer fire fighters, resource management professionals and administrative staff. They are not general suggestions or general ideas, but orders related to what is and will be important to me as the Chief of this department. They are as follows: 

  1. The Butte County Fire Department/CAL FIRE Butte Unit will always remember who we work for. Simply put we work for the citizens of California and Butte County regardless of the jurisdiction or situation. Our decisions, both emergency and administrative, must keep this in mind. This does not mean that every decision will be embraced by every person we serve; it just means we will base our decisions on the common good and always within our training, experience and the law. 
  2.  The Butte County Fire Department/CAL FIRE Butte Unit will always look for opportunities to work cooperatively with other agencies and public service providers and we will work hard to maintain those cooperative relationships. Agencies working together will always provide better service to the public than agencies working individually. 
  3. Butte County Fire Department employees will support each other professionally and personally. Chief Officers will consider the wellbeing of our employees as part of every decision we make. Company officers will consider the same for the employees they supervise. All employees must recognize that we are absolutely dependent on each other in every aspect of this important job. 

The orders presented above are the core principles that have guided the Butte County Fire Department/CAL FIRE Butte Unit for years. The communities we protect are served by career and volunteer fire fighters that are second to none. The administrative personnel working in support of those fire fighters are unequaled as well. There are many challenges facing our fire department. We will face those challenges together and we will overcome them as a team.

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Butte County Fire

In an Emergency
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Phone:    530.538.7111
Fax:        530.538.7401

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Butte County Fire
176 Nelson Avenue
Oroville CA, 95965

Office Hours
Monday to Friday
8:00am to 5:00pm

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Butte County Fire

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Butte County Fire CALFIRE

176 Nelson Avenue
Oroville, CA 95965

Greg McFadden, Interim Fire Chief
David Hawks, Assistant Chief, North Division
Chris Haile, Assistant Chief, South Division
Ken Kendrick,
Assistant Chief, Resource Management
Darren Read, Administrative Chief

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