It is the mission of the Butte County Cooperative Fire Agencies to provide professional services to protect lives, property, and environment to those residing, working or traveling within the unincorporated areas of Butte County, the Cities of Biggs and Gridley and the Town of Paradise.
Justin Smith – Organizational Enhancement Award
Volunteer Firefighter Justin Smith is being awarded the Organizational Enhancement Award.  Justin has excelled at the administrative assignments for Company 42.  He has continually concentrated his efforts to improve efficiency, organization and effectiveness.  He takes on various administrative roles so that others may concentrate on operational tasks.  He plays a vital role in keeping the company on task and moving in a positive direction.  Additionally, Justin plays a large role in the fundraising efforts that support’s the company’s annual fundraiser.  He is continually asking what other tasks he can take and facilitate.  His long term commitment to the Butte County Fire Department and its members is inspiring.  Congratulations to Justin Smith.       

Mike Conaty – Leadership Award
Mike Conaty has been stationed at Station 74 (presently) and Station 63 (in the past) and at both assignments has mentored his crew with a strong work ethic and positive attitude.  His reactions and interactions with department personnel and the public exemplifies what CAL FIRE / Butte County Fire expects from there staff.  Mike has given countless hours in the Gridley area to continue to promote the community activities, such as Red Suspenders Days and has taken on extra responsibilities of maintaining the department’s permanent kiosk at the Butte County Fairgrounds.  With Mike’s guidance, the crew at station 74 has been submitting a weekly safety article for the Gridley Herald called “Sparkys Corner”.  By consistently providing the article, they are not only providing valuable and proactive safety messages, but showcasing our department in a positive light.  Congratulations to Mike Conaty

Jeff Dahl – Leadership Award    
Jeff Dahl has been chosen for the leadership award for his commitment to recruiting, organizing and the mentoring of probationary Firefighters.  After the recruitment cycle each year, Jeff is handed about 65-85 prospective members to organize.  Jeff takes them through the “meet and greet” day, volunteer interviews and selection process.  Once selected, he continues to mentor them through the module training and is a vital resource to them throughout their probationary period.  When that group of prospects is through the process it’s only a couple months break before the recruitment process begins all over again.  Jeff’s organization and implementation of his system for taking prospect firefighters and in a year’s time adding them as a resource to the Butte County Fire department is commendable.  Congratulations to Jeff Dahl

Debbie Warren – Superior Accomplishment Award
Debbie has been a long-Standing volunteer firefighter with Company 55 in Bangor.  During her years of service she has trained hard, responded often, and immersed herself into improving the community of Bangor.  With Debbie being in close proximity of the local elementary school, she has used every opportunity to make Station 55 a special place for children.  Each year she decorates the station at Halloween and provides activities that are incredibly important to children in a rural community.  Debbie works tirelessly in all community events and is an important part of the Bangor community center and its activities.  Debbie’s love for the community shows in the many ways she guides the volunteer company to assist the local residents in need during Christmas by providing both toys and food to families in the Bangor area, as well as providing hundreds of toys to the children of Butte County through their donations to “Toys for Tots”.  Congratulations to Debbie Warren

Paul Carlos – Superior Accomplishment Award                            
Paul is an exceptional Fire Captain.  He spends countless hours as the units Firefighter 1 hiring coordinator and has done so for the last eight years.  This process begins early in the year with application reviews and coordinating the interviews for the Firefighter candidates.  With all the movement in the department it’s often difficult to keep things straight but Paul does this with accuracy and a positive attitude.    Paul is also a member of Type 1 Incident Management Team, which is a huge commitment.  When there are large emergency incidents in the state, Paul’s team can be activated to manage and control the incident.  Paul has proven time and time again he is the “go to” guy when you need something done.  Congratulations to Paul Carlos

Tim Holliday – Superior Accomplishment Award 
Tim worked closely with the Executive Director of the Butte County Fire Safe Council to prepare grant applications for the SRA fee funded grant program.  These grant applications were approved for submission by the Fire Safe Council in spite of their opposition to the SRA fees and past avoidance of the grant program.  I believe that Tim’s patient encouragement and mentoring of the Executive Director helped her convince the Council that the probability of getting an approved grant was high and bringing funding back to the community was the right thing to do.  Congratulations to Tim Holliday    

Janet Sutton – Superior Accomplishment Award
Janet Sutton began her career at the Butte Fire Center for the California Conservation Corp in July 1985 after 5 years she transferred to Cal Fire as a Dispatch Clerk in January 1990.  In November of 1995 Janet transferred down to Oroville HQ as the State Finance Clerk.   Her finance experience from the Butte Fire Center and having ECC experience made her a great fit for headquarters.  Janet has been a huge asset to the Cal Fire-Butte Unit.  Janet has always gone above and beyond.  For example Janet is part of the Region-wide training cadre for Cal Card, Processing Financial Documents, and Hired Equipment and Personnel Time Recording, she completed her certification as a Finance Section Chief and goes to fires across the State, has written programs for check writing for FC42's, developed a State Finance training program and is the go to liaison for other State Finance Clerk's across the State.  Janet is always willing to help out our employees with their forms, purchasing for the Butte Fire Center, as well as does cost estimates for our local fires, helps set up finance logistical needs, as well as sending complete and correct fire finance packages to Sacramento.   To say the least Janet is a very dedicated and conscientious employee.   

Sandie Luke – Employee Of The Year
This year’s Employee of the year is Sandie Luke.  Sandie has worked for CAL FIRE since 1992 and has worked various locations throughout Butte County, which include Butte Fire Center and the Butte Unit Headquarters in Oroville.  Sandie has been an office assistant, unit chief’s secretary and now the units Associate Information System Analyst.  Sandie has been part of CAL FIRE’s Emergency Command Center rebuild for several years, worked on countless fires across the State, and has been instrumental in coordinating the Butte Fire Center remodel for their communication and internet infrastructure.  Thank You to Sandie Luke!

Shane Barker – Volunteer Firefighter of the Year
 Shane Barker has continually demonstrated achievement above and beyond the call of duty.  Shane has excelled in the leadership role working with administrative, organizational, and operational tasks.  He has the ability to work as a team member but he also inspires others to achieve more.  Shane has exceeded any and all expectations that were outlined for him and did it in a manner that shows his commitment to the Butte County Fire Department.  His dedication has leaped out of the confines of Company 42 with his involvement in the recruitment and retention committee, Standard operating Procedures Committee, and his assistance with the Butte County Fire Department Annual Awards Banquet.  One of Shane’s best attributes is his ability to work in a productive manner while keeping a positive attitude.  Congratulations to Shane Barker

Dave Brothers – Career Firefighter of the Year  
In early April of 2015, Engineer Dave Brothers and his crew were finishing up a normal grocery shopping trip in Oroville.  While they were placing their groceries onto Engine 64 they were confronted by a very angry man who harassed them about food shopping on duty and about driving a fire engine six miles to get groceries, wasting fuel.  As you can see in the video, Dave and his crew never missed a beat maintaining their calmness; treating the angry man with politeness, total respect, and professionalism.  Dave and his crew finished up by asking the man if there was anything else that they could do for him and wished him a great day.  Little did they know this whole interaction was recorded by another citizen, who would post it on YouTube within hours.  This video received over 1.1 million views within weeks, with overwhelming support for the crew of Engine 64.  We received many emails and letters of support of Dave’s actions.  We are extremely proud of how Dave and his crew acted to represent Butte County Fire and CAL FIRE.  Congratulations Dave Brothers 


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