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Matt McCoy

Meet Matt McCoy, a Veterans Services Representative with Butte County. Matt started his career at the County as an eligibility specialist but the VSO saw his potential as a Veterans Services Representative. He made the move and has been working in the VSO for over 3 years. Matt enjoys working for Butte County and DESS in particular because he says he has never worked for an entity so interested in his personal success. “I can ask for what I want and need to do my job,” say Matt. He feels right at home in DESS and hopes he stays with the department for a long while.

Get to Know Matt

Matt McCoy QuoteMatt was an ideal candidate for a Veterans Services Representative because he joined the Army National Guard after high school and deployed to Somalia. He says he didn’t have much direction at that time in his life and the Army afforded him the skills to mature and gain that direction. Through the GI bill, he attended Chico State to get his anthropology degree. He took advantage of work-study which he says really set him on the path and developed his passion for Veterans Services. Matt says, “helping my fellow veterans is the most personally fulfilling”.

Matt, along with the other Veterans Services staff are well suited to do their jobs because they are all veterans themselves. “Our customers are essentially ourselves looking right back at us. We know how to help because we have been there. We didn’t walk in their boots, but we had on our own pair of boots and we want them to know that.” Matt knows the pathway to getting VA benefits frustrates many veterans. It can be a confusing, cumbersome claims process and this is why the VA encourages veterans to work with someone who can assist them. “The first step is to be empathetic and let them know what’s worked for me.”

Matt works daily with veterans to complete compensation claims and pension claims. Many veterans don’t know that the VSO can help dependents of veterans as well. The Veterans Services staff receive special training from the VA to know how to navigate the claims process. Matt has served a diverse group of veterans from many wars. He would like to get the word out to all 18,000 Butte County veterans that the he and his fellow employees at the VSO are ready and willing to help.

There is also a stigma for veterans that Matt makes sure to dispel. “Nobody comes back from these war zones okay. It’s not a sign of weakness; it’s a sign of strength to ask for help. I’m not a social worker or a counselor but we can connect them to resources in our community. Treatment is going to make them happier and healthier for the rest of their lives. Sometimes you have to break down walls to ever get people to apply for benefits.”

Matt currently lives in Chico and has a longtime girlfriend and a couple of dogs. He enjoys bike riding, cooking and BBQing, road tripping and camping, as well as working on computers, mostly for gaming.

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