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If you are looking to create jobs, talk with us. We process Building Permits including Plan Review, Inspections and coordination with other agencies to issue Permits. We process Development Applications including environmental review, provide zoning information and support long-range planning through the County’s General Plan. Code Enforcement responds to Building, Land Use, Abandoned Vehicles, Noise, Nuisance Abatement and the County’s Restrictions on Cultivation of Medical Marijuana Ordinance complaints.

Planning Application Forms
Application Guides
Form No. Application Type Date Revised Form Type
PLG-1 Legal Lot Determination Application 11.4.2016 PDF
PLG-2 Lot Line Adjustment Application 6.30.2015 PDF
PLG-3 Variance/Minor Variance Application 6.24.2015 PDF
PLG-4 Sign Permit Application 9.3.2015 PDF
PLG-5 Tentative Map Application 2.13.2015 PDF
PLG-6 Use/Minor Permit Application 6.28.2016 PDF
PLG-7 Certificate of Merger Application 9.24.2014 PDF
PLG-8 Surface Mining and Reclamation Application 4.7.2011 PDF
PLG-9 Camping Application Guide 7.6.2015 PDF
PLG-10 Land Conservation (Williamson) Act Contract Application 8.7.2015 PDF
PLG-11 Land Conservation Act Contract Non-Renewal 8.7.2015 PDF
PLG-12 Pre-Development Review Application 2.13.2015 PDF
PLG-13 Wireless Telecommunication Facility Application 9.24.2014 PDF
PLG-14 Special Events Facilities Application
7.7.2016 PDF
Planning Forms
Form No. Form Name Date Modified Form Type
DPL-1 Planning Information Form 2.13.2015 PDF
DPL-2 Agent Authorization 2.13.2015 PDF
DPL-3 NEIC Project Review Agreement 9.24.2014 PDF
DPL-4 Project Setting Description 9.24.2014 PDF
DPL-5 Development Standard Exception Request 9.24.2014 PDF
DPL-6 Agricultural Buffer Notification and/or Unusual Circumstances Request 9.24.2014 PDF
DPL-7 Tentative Map Time Extension Request 7.18.2016 PDF
DPL-8 Permit Time Extension Request 9.24.2014 PDF
DPL-9 Mining Consultant Contact List 8.12.2015 PDF
DPL-10 Certificate of Merger 8.31.2015 PDF
DPL-11 Merger Owner's Certificate 8.31.2015 PDF
DPL-12 Zoning Clearance Request 9.24.2014 PDF
DPL-13 Burn-Down Letter Request 7.1.2015 PDF
DPL-14 Land Conservation Act Contract Agreement or Amendment 8.7.2015 PDF
DPL-15 <Reserved>

DPL-16 Land Conservation Act Contract Non-Renewal 8.7.2015 PDF
DPL-17 Mining Reclamation Plan 9.24.2014 PDF
DPL-18 Airport Land Use Consistency Determination 9.24.2014 PDF
DPL-19 Appeal Application 1.4.2016 PDF
DPL-20 Public Records Request Form 9.24.2014 PDF
DPL-21 Variance Findings Support Information Form
1.27.2015 PDF
Administrative Permit Applications
Form No. Application Type Date Revised Form Type
PLA-1 Camping 7.1.2015 PDF
PLA-2 Minor Home Occupation 1.22.2015 PDF
PLA-3 Watershed Protection Overlay Zone 6.30.2015 PDF
PLA-4 Recreation Vehicle as Temporary Residence 6.24.2015 PDF
PLA-5 Heavy Equipment Storage in VLDR Zone 6.24.2015 PDF
PLA-6 Personal Hardship Kennel 6.24.2015 PDF
PLA-7 Temporary Mobile Home (Aunt Minnie) 9.24.2014 PDF
PLA-8 Heavy Equipment Storage in RCR & FCR Zones
6.24.2015 PDF
PLA-9 Retail Use in Industrial Zones
6.24.2015 PDF
PLA-10 Sign Permit 6.24.2015 PDF
PLA-11 Walls and Fences Additional Height 1.22.2015 PDF
PLA-12 <Reserved>

PLA-13 Small Winery Facility 2.23.2015 PDF
PLA-14 Small Micro-Brewery Facility 6.24.2015 PDF
PLA-15 Small Olive Oil Production Facility 6.24.2015 PDF
PLA-16 Small Micro-Distillery Facility 6.24.2015 PDF
PLA-17 Fruit & Nut Production Facility 6.24.2015 PDF
PLA-18 Temporary Uses 7.1.2015 PDF
PLA-19 Recycling Collection Facility - Small 6.24.2015 PDF
PLA-20 Recycling Collection Facility - Large 6.24.2015 PDF
PLA-21 Recycling Processing Facility - Light 9.24.2014 PDF
PLA-22 Recycling Processing Facility - Heavy 9.24.2014 PDF
PLA-23 <Reserved>

PLA-24 <Reserved>

PLA-25 <Reserved>

PLA-26 Telecommunication Facilities (Co-Location) 9.24.2014 PDF
PLA-27 Accessory Utilities (Tier 2) Solar Energy Facilities 1.27.2015 PDF
PLA-28 Accessory Utilities (Tier 2) Wind Energy Facilities 9.24.2014 PDF

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