Test your knowledge - Identity Theft Test

When creating account passwords, I usually use:
A - The name of my favorite author.
B - My childhood pet’s name.
C - A nonsense word that has meaning only to me.
D - A combination of letters and numbers.

I shred all financial and legal documents before throwing them away.

I refuse to give out my Social Security Number when requested.....
A - By my employer.
B - By my utility company.
C - By a credit card company.
D - By the IRS.

When I go out of town
A - I have a neighbor clear out my mailbox every few days.
B - I have the Post office hold my mail.
C - I let it pile up, I have a big mailbox.
D - I leave a note on the mailbox telling the postman I am away.

Which of the following is NOT a good investment.
A - A program that offers extra fraud protection on your credit card.
B - A service granting unlimited access to your credit reports.
C - A service that automatically upgrades your computer virus protection annually.
D - A file cabinet that locks.

I give personal details over the telephone or Internet when…
A - The caller or sender is from a company I know.
B - My Bank or credit card company contacts me about my account activity.
C - I have initiated contact with a company or financial institution.
D - Any of the above