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The Administration Bureau includes clerical support for case processing and secretarial support for prosecutions, fiscal services, personnel administration, information technology services which includes technical production of courtroom exhibits, facilities management, grants administration and statistical reporting.

Facts about the District Attorney’s Office


The department has a total of 90 staff members made up of attorneys, investigators, secretaries and clerks, information systems staff and administrative staff.  In addition, the office provides internships for students from local high schools, Butte College, Chico State University, Cal Northern School of Law and other California law schools.   The 90 staff members are allocated to the criminal prosecution division, the child abduction and recovery unit, fraud investigations for Department of Social Services, cash aid programs and Child Support Services Department financial support and medical coverage programs.


The department’s total expenditure budget is $9,947,133 which is offset by revenue from state subventions, state mandated program support and grants in the amount of $2,423,394.

Efficiency and Cost Savings

            The department is continually reviewing expenditures and operational practices to find cost savings.  Some of the cost savings measures have called for technology enhancements and others are as simple as at home, “turn off the lights when you leave a room”.  A few of the recent changes which resulted in real savings are:  filling vacancies with retired annuitants, saving on training and benefit costs, acquiring the services of volunteer attorneys, substantial reductions in fuel costs, negotiating lower prices charged on contracts, an automated file tracking system which paid for itself in savings of labor costs and significant reductions in duplication of information gathering and processing  by use of electronic transfer of data from other county criminal justice partners.



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