Ten arrested in D.A.'s bad check sweep, Thursday

BY PAULA M. FELIPE/Public Safety Reporter

The holiday season started out badly for 10 people arrested during the District Attorney's Pre-Holiday Economic Crime Sweep Thursday.

Of the 22 people targeted in the sweep, six are from Oroville; nine from Chico; and others are from Palermo, Cohasset, Paradise, Magalia, and Durham.

During a press conference, District Attorney Mike Ramsey announced the details of the annual sweep, saying, "Lets people know there are consequences to writing bad checks in Butte County."

Ramsey explained those being arrested in the sweep had the opportunity to avoid arrest by paying off their bad checks, including having the option of making payments along with paying fines and taking a financial management class.

"Those who are arrested today ignored these two options," he said.

The sweep began at 7:30 a.m. and lasted all day. At the time of press, 12 people were still being sought and the District Attorney's Office is asking anyone with information as to their whereabouts to call: (530) 538-7411. Merchants who have been given bad checks can also report them to this phone number.

"Those arrested will be arraigned, and those with felonies could face three years in state prison while misdemeanor charges could carry a year in the county jail," Ramsey said, adding: "The Bad Check Unit is here to prevent the crime of writing bad checks and was started in 1993. Since that time, it has collected and given $2 million back to merchants."

For more information, see: www.buttecounty.net/da, and click on "Bad Checks".

District Attorney's list of who was taken into custody and who's still at large in the bad check sweep that took place in Butte County

The District Attorney's Office "Pre-Holiday Economic Crime Sweep" took place on Thursday, and the following were either taken into custody or still at large at the time of press.

From Oroville:

Cindy Looney, 37 (in


Maria Saechao, 30 (at large)

William Baker, 42 (at large)

Richard Colbourn, 44 (in


Jennifer Grubbs, 28 (at large)

Brandie Ledford, 22 (in


Michael Livermore, 21,

of Palermo (in custody)

From Chico:

Keith Madson, 43 (in


Janette Mooney, 44, (at large)

Brian Sawn, 38, (at large)

Brandy Thornton, 31(at large)

Alma Velasquez, 22 (at large)

Mark Carver, 51 (in custody)

Lauri Burke, 41 (at large)

Joseph Corral, 42 (in custody)

Steven Inman, 37 (at large)

Barry Liersch, 36 (in custody)

From Cohasset:

Cary Palmquist, 52 (at large)

Lance Palmquist, 27 (in


From Durham:

Cynthia Debose, 35 (in


From Paradise:

Michele Cramer, 50 (at large)

From Magalia:

Christian Mccoy, 34 (at large)

If anyone has information on the whereabouts of those who are still at large, call the District Attorney's Office at: 530-538-7411.

For more updated information on arrests made, see: www.buttecounty.net/da and click on "bad checks."